How to find suitable pack and play model?

04 months until the age of walking, the pack and plays offer baby a protected shelter far away from the dangers in the house, and also, a space privileged to play. Wood and bars, trendy or nomadic, there is something for everyone. Here is our advice to find the best pack and play.

The criterion of choice # 1 is safety. Check that the pack and plays comply with European standards, in terms of height, spacing bars or angle hinges.

From 4 months, the pack and plays allow the baby to be with you in the room, instead of being confined to his room. He built a universe size and reassuring, in which the animals can also not enter. He also discovers some freedom of movement, while being protected.

Around 8-9 months, he began to trudge and want to move all alone at home. The pack and plays prove quite useful to contain a little! You can also leave it in peace a few minutes for example to your toilet. He can play with his pack and play. Until he knows really work well, and may go to the park, it will be a valuable ally.

Find the suitable pack and play model

Traditional, wooden, or more likely, plastic bars in playpens are the most common. But there is another type of pack and play: how folding, bed, plastic, and cloth or fabric.

If it is intended to remain in a specific location, opt for a fixed structure model more resistant to “onslaught” of your baby.

The wooden bars pack and play

Ideal for psychomotor development of your baby, the wooden bars park is solid and stable. All shapes (square, octagonal …), it will offer him good support, at the age when he tries to stand up.

Its bars are fine enough for your child clings to and also permitting a good visual perception.

Pack and plays sometimes offer a high position that can be used when the baby lying still, to spare the backs of parents.

Some of them have a hard enough background. Make it a nest by adding a properly fitted carpet to absorb shocks.

Plastic bars pack and play

Less conventional, some plastic bars parks are copies of wooden models. Others, however, are flexible: equipped with a door, security gate, they are rectangular and / or circular. Your child will soon have fun in and out of this new home.

Small problem: the bars are often too flat and too wide for smaller hands of a baby. Finally, choose a quality model: the plastic is less resistant than wood to the passage of time.

Nets pack and play

More nomadic, they are also cheaper but their resistance is low next to their wooden comrades.

Nets avoid the baby bump if he falls. Its raised funds which allow the baby to not be on the floor. A real plus in a poorly insulated room.

Ideal for small spaces, it is also easy to use and carry thanks to its fast and compact folding. Perfect for traveling parents! Negative side, such as pack and plays do not allow the bars to climb easily. The nets, especially small mesh, blur slightly its view outward. Your child can also venture to hang a button in the mesh.

One last practical detail: the washing! easily cleaned bars as fabric …
And let yourself be guided by our expert advice

Security side

– Your first instinct is to verify compliance with French standards (NF S 54-010) or European (EN 12227). The three most important criteria are the stability of the pack and play, especially if it includes legs; the height of the pack and play, which must exceed 55 cm. Finally, the spacing of the bars must be less than or equal to 7 cm.
– If it has wheels, make sure the brake efficiency.
– Use extra caution if you buy it used. Do not accept the purchase without seeing the state of the pack and play. If the folding systems are damaged, forget it!
– You can place an arch in the pack and play activities, a bear or a blanket but avoid any toy that your baby could climb or offend. Also, outlaw small objects.
– Clear the area. Your toddler will always be attracted by an electric wire, an object behind a chair ready to rock … Do not use more when your child works well as it could step over.
– This is not a bed! Your baby should distinguish between these two areas and must not remain in the pack and play more than a half-hour or hour.


Comparative game eye cameras tests and reviews

Test Overview: game camera reviews

This test was performed by the SVT Creteil academy Greid during 2013.

Protocol and technical choices

For each camera, we used an operating system “virgin” to place the cameras in the same computing environment and avoid any “interference” due to previous installations. For it,

We have installed as many virtual machines (VMware) that cameras have.

We made the choice to take the Windows XP operating system and limit the RAM to 256MB machine (although this configuration was not necessarily recommended by the manufacturer).

Two software packages are installed: 4.0.3 and Libre Office version 3.3 Mesurim.

The cameras were originally connected to the computer to check for possible automatic driver installation by the operating system. Thereafter, the various software distributed with the camera have been installed.

A cat lung blade was used to make the catch. The initial observation without camera and settings were made with an optical microscope with a X10 objective and eyepiece.

Catches of images were made without change of setting of contrast and color, except for the white balance.

General remarks

Generally, the tested cameras provided a smaller field of view than the one obtained with the microscope eyepiece (X10). This zoom effect is more or less marked depending on the model.

The eyepiece portion of the microscope camera requires little or no focus change. This is comparable to regulate effectors when the observer changes on an optical microscope without the camera.

The reaction time for the screen to display the focus changes or displacements of the blade depends on the amount of information to calculate and thus the number of pixels. This depends on the resolution display and the sensor definition. Some visualization software does not allow changing the display resolution or offer in their list, only one resolution. In this case, data is the characteristics of the selected computer; latency is too long to properly adjust the settings on the microscope. This problem is corrected with a more powerful computer.

One model does not require the installation of a special driver. Twain plug-in update is essential to allow the acquisition of images directly in certain software such as Mesurin or treatment text. Our tests have detected outdated versions of this plug-in, which have since been updated by suppliers. Anyway, if the direct acquisition of a photo by Mesurim is not possible, you can always consider importing a posteriori image file.

We could not, however, prevent us to enjoy the features offered by some of them …

PS4 PlayStation Camera: Should you buy?

With the levers, the PS4 Camera will improve your gaming experience, but is it really worth to buy the PS4 camera?

With the levers, the PS4 Camera is an accessory that allows interaction to navigate the console menus and play with compatible games. It will also improve the gaming experience by allowing gamers to share their parties.

Introducing the PS4 Camera: a compact and sleek design

The PS4 camera is small and light compact black bar connected to the console with a dedicated auxiliary connector. It has two small high-definition cameras (1280 × 800 px) for motion recognition and detection of joysticks. It also has four microphones necessary for voice control. Besides motion detection for games, the camera allows navigating the controller-free menu. Finally, the cameras can be displayed on the screen when the player sharing its streaming portion.

The advantages of the PS4 Camera

Unlike the PS Eye of the PS3 which requires dedicated controllers, the new PS4 Camera interacts directly with the controllers involved. Detection is not a problem. Among the advantages of the PS4 Camera, it also includes facial recognition that lets you log in automatically. The Playroom application that comes with the PS4 allows a camera grip. According to the headlines, it is possible to represent in the game.

PS4 Camera: a test not entirely transformed

Though the PS4 Camera seduces you by its many features, it has some shortcomings, including a game compatible library still sparse. It is also necessary to have a drop of two meters to play comfortably

To buy the PS4 Camera, you can just go to online shops specialized in high-tech,, for example.

How to choosw nubulizer diffuser

Diffuse essential oils at home is a great way to escape from our crowded cities, where nature and well-being that accompanies are rarely welcomed.

Yes but here, there are very many nebulizer diffuser on the market varying qualities, different broadcasting technologies, practical features, noble or weak materials … These differences go with (sometimes) very large price differences.

I use and sell nebulizer diffusers for 2 years. I want to take the time to pass on my skills to you who want to make the best choice and how to use a nebulizer diffuser.

The technology: Fogging, misting, ultrasound, warmth, ventilation … It is time to clarify the situation!

Yes, it is not easy, but you absolutely must master the following before buying your diffuser. According to technology, your diffuser will be more or less noisy, more or less powerful, more or less robust and durable, more or less effective from a therapeutic point of view.

There are 4 major technologies:
– By nebulization
– By misting, otherwise known as atomisers or diffusers ultrasound
– By gentle heat
– Ventilation

Each broadcast technology meets these specifications seemingly simple: essential oils are propel particles in the atmosphere, which should not be heat aboedve 40 ° C! Beyond this temperature, the aromatic molecules that make up the essential oils and essences are degraded and could become toxic. It is therefore totally prohibits the use of incense burners.

Dissemination by nebulization is the most complex and sophisticated effect. How it works ? A breath of very strong cold air is powered on essential oils in a glass of a very specific shape to create a Venturi effect, and separate the essential oil particles each other.

The big advantages of nebulization

Nebulization is the most advanced broadcasting technology. It is indeed the only way a powerful distribution, which can fill volumes up to 120m! (Okay, 120m is not a volume). Moreover, this distribution is completely cold, and the essential oil particles are particularly well separated during their projection: they are lighter and remain suspended in the air longer. Finally, nebulizers are usually beautiful products, with beautiful glass and pedestals noble materials. In a beautiful area, they work very well …

The disadvantages of nebulization

The main disadvantage of the spray, let’s be frank, it’s the noise. Indeed, the compressed air propellant to create the Venturi effect emits a fairly large vibration, and vibration makes noise. Therefore issue a fogger still a small hiss, no disturbing in a salon, but clearly not possible in a bedroom (especially if you are running an anti-insomnia synergy). All foggers are not equal to this aspect, some are noisier than others, but you still encounter this problem. In my case, it does not bother me too (this is a simple little vibration noise), but there it may bother.

The second problem of fogging, it is the price of broadcasters. This is clearly the high end in terms of dissemination of technology, and all manufacturers therefore benefit for use of noble materials: wood, glass, bamboo, etc. It is therefore very difficult to find a good online nebulizer less than 50 €.

Finally, choose a nebulizer if:

  • You want to diffuse essential oils for therapeutic purposes (disinfection of air, zen atmosphere, preventing winter illnesses, etc.)
  • You want to make a gift to someone;
  • You have a large area (more than 50m²) to “infuse”.

Foggers, also called ultrasonic diffusers

Although less powerful for therapeutic purposes, this technology should certainly not be overlooked because it combines many advantages.

Misting Technology

Misters essential oils propel particles through a “cold steam”. In reality, no steam without boiling and it is therefore more of a micro-droplets of mist so fine that they remain suspended in the air. This mist is created using ultrasound.

How it works ? Installation is simple:

  • On the first floor, a thin membrane that bombarded ultrasound vibrates at high frequency;
  • In contact with the membrane, water, under the effect of this vibration, will generate the mist in question;
  • On the water surface floating drops of essential oils, which are captured in the passage of the mist, and projected into the atmosphere.

The advantages of misting

This technology is the most widespread, for many reasons!

These diffusers can be very attractive, particularly through the mist that emerges: this induces a very nice visual effect. Sincerely, I use a fogger with me just for that reason!



Steps to choose the best self propelled lawn mower

What is the best type of lawn mower for you? If you have a lawn, then you need a lawnmower! This article is a guide to choose the best self propelled lawn mower for any size of grass you have.

The guide is divided into 3 categories depending on the mower types:

  • Cylinder lawn mowers
  • Rotary lawn mowers
  • Hover lawn mowers

Types of lawn mowers

The three main types of crusher: cylinder, rotary and stationary. They can be electric or gasoline powered mower but some models are hand thrust cylinder.

Cylinder Mowers

These are one of the most common types of lawn mower and come with three main types of power supply – gas, electric and battery. Cylinder petrol mowers are the most powerful and free from electrical cables. Electric mowers cylinder is better suited to smaller lawns. Battery cylinder lawn mowers are suitable only for very small lawns.

Rotary mowers

The rotary lawn mower does not give the impeccable cut of a cutting cylinder, but are easy to use and mow quickly. In addition, they are very good at dealing with long or wet grass.

Hover Mowers

Hover mowers are rotary mowers that literally hang over on the surface of the grass. Usually without wheels, some models do now have rear wheels to make it easier to move into position before use. However, like most of the models they have to be transported, this has led to its lightweight design. The handle folds so that the machine can be hung from a wall of the shed or garage that makes extremely efficient use of space.

Lawnmower Features

Below are the main features to consider when buying a lawnmower:

  • Mulching: Crushers mowers are a great way to feed your lawn. Crushers recut the clippings into small pieces and blow them back into the lawn, where they decompose and feed on the grass. Some have a metal or plastic that blocks off the grass catcher; others have a knob that turns quickly. Large cutting, more than 45 cm wide, are hard work to push around. Look for a self-propelled version. These have two control rods; the blade cuts the engine and if you let go, the other is coupled to the engine to the wheels. Some have variable speed, otherwise you have to match your walking speed to the mower.
  • Long switch: A switch is a long bar that runs across the width of the handle or a double switch, allowing you to use both hands to save wrist strain. It is better for lefties too. Most models now have these.
  • Folding handles: This makes it easier to store in a small shed. Look for handles that are folded twice and sit perfectly on top of the mower.
  • Adjustable handles: Make sure the height is right for you. Some handles are adjustable lawnmowers.
  • Rear roller: Some cutters have a roller instead of the back to give a striped effect wheels. This is most pronounced with cutters heavier petrol. A roller also makes it easier to balance when cut on the edges of the lawn. Some electric mowers have four wheels with a rear roller that works just the lower cutting heights. All hand cylinder lawn mower have a small rear roller, but most are not heavy enough to give pronounced stripes.
  • Grass catcher: A large container turf saves numerous trips to the compost pile. A window in the top or an indicator to tell you when it is full are also useful.
  • Cutting height: A lawn mower with a wide range of cut (eg 12-70mm) is useful if you have to cut more than a lawn of different qualities, different heights or at different times of the year. If you want to cut a fine ornamental (bowling) lawn for a minimum cut of about 12 mm. A single height adjustment is easier than adjusting each wheel in turn. With the cheapest lawn mowers, you have to remove and replace each wheel, or in the case of hover mowers remove the foil and add or remove spacers, which is fine if you rarely change the cutting height.

How big is your lawn? Size Matters!

How big is the field:

  • Small – up to 100 square meters. – Choose an electric mower
  • Medium – 100-200 square meters. – Choose an electric or gas mower
  • Grande – more than 200 square meters. – Choose a petrol mower

Brief introduction on benefit of rice cooker

With the best rice cooker, rice is always perfect.

My personal story will give you an answer: I bought my rice cooker to make sushi rice. Read any method to cook Japanese rice and you will understand that it’s more complicated than inventing the wire to cut butter. Try to follow those methods and you will see that it is especially easy to miss everything.

The cooker adapts itself to all rice varieties. For example, cooking brown rice is no longer a full-time activity: it often takes more than 25 minutes in a pan where the water evaporates, and the result is poor.

The message is clear. An automatic cooking: Cook rice alone and it allows you, during this time, go to the hairdresser. Take a bath. Read the blog of girlfriends. You only have to start cooking, it will stop by itself. Once rice is cooked, cooking is stopped, and the unit switches to “keep warm”. This feature, present in all the pressure cooker, works very well. No risk of “flambé” the house (except failure of the device or your electricity), no risk of burning rice. It is awesome.


The rice cooker does not cook only rice!

And yes. Its name is misleading. We can cook:

– Mixed rice: adding soy sauce and small vegetables (peas, carrots tips, …)

– Grain: bulgur, quinoa, various cereals, etc.

– Legumes: lentils, …

– Vegetables, along with your rice

– Eggs: omelettes

– Cakes and Bread: Recipes on the Internet

It’s not bad, right?

Frequency of use?

That is the question. The answer: it depends….

Advice: if rice-cooker allows you to cook a variety of foods, base your buying decision on your rice consumption. The rest is still anecdotal. Unless you live in a dorm room, but then I would advise a microwave, which makes more things including excellent rice.

If you only eat rice once a month, forget it. If you are in this case, maybe a rice-cooker will change your practice of eating rice. Many people eat mostly rice since they bought one.

You should use it at least once a week. Sometimes two. Many people are extremely vigilant on appliance purchases, because the kitchen is very small, with few closets, already filled to the brim. The two golden rules: the need for something (having the rice-cooker in serve at least once a week) and versatility (the blender, for example, is also used to grind coffee every day). And the rice-cooker meets these two rules.

What capacity?

There are different unit sizes ranging from mini to Industrial: everyone will find his account, from family-mono-parental-without-child to the Chinese restaurant.

Generally, the rice is measured in “cup”. Your machine will be delivered with its pod, cup, so don’t panic. And if that is not the case, my advice, do not buy it. It also comes with its rice spoon. The capacity of a cup is depend on the manufacturer and the common unit of the country, for example, 180ml in Europe, Japan 200ml, 240ml and 220 to the United States.

Depending on your appetite and food (rice main course, side dish, entrance …), a dose for a person goes the half-measure to the measure. Generally, you can asked the seller to give you an idea.

The common measure is 8 cups or 1.5 liters. For two people, you should put 2 cups in general, and get rice for two, for bento the next day, and sometimes more.

Each unit is designed for an optimal amount. For example, the 8 cups of water will do the best rice between 4 and 6 small cups of rice. At the same time, you should not worry if you cook little of rice, a cooker can cook even at 2 or 1 cup of rice, which often happens to many single person.

Size chart:

  • Breakfast: 3-4 cups
  • Medium: 5-6 cups
  • Grand: 8-10 cups
  • Giant / professional: 14+ cups

Significant price variations: which to choose?

You can well imagine that the cheaper its price, the more basic it is, and the more expensive, the more sophisticated. Users of Japanese brands also state that the highest price categories are the strongest and durable.

Power rack – Weight Training For Building Muscle and Power

One of the most essential concepts weight for maximum muscle building is reach muscle failure, where a bodybuilder requires a certain weight lifting exercise in fatigue, in the absence of possible additional repetitions, which requires some form of spots of different exercises, especially those involving the legs and chest, so many choose to pair with a partner to lift weights so they can always have a safety mechanism to protect against damage .

Even bodybuilders who otherwise prefer performing bodybuilding workouts just decide to find a specific partner to allow the failure of some weight lifting exercises, and for those who can not find a companion to this end probably join a gym and disturbs other occupied lifts weights to offer a place in various series, which is not only frustrating for any bodybuilder who is looking to complete a workout without distractions, but in fact, find a such observer is not always easy depending on the type of sport.

Although there are some bodybuilders who can detect the weight lifting reliable partner to accompany each training session, chances are great that this is not possible, leaving the observer random method (gym members requesting a look different), which as mentioned is boring and annoying to others, or involves using machines exclusively, of course, to avoid the need for all spots.

But what if a bodybuilder looking to train with free weight exercises such as tricep press, and you want to perform these exercises with specific weight alone, without the help of a partner or an observer? This is easily done through the use of a best power rack in which two beams to allow positioning in a variety of positions guarding a bodybuilder to become unfit as an important weight in the context of the training session. Since a power rack offer referred mobile bar, the unit is not only useful for training exercises with the weight of the upper body, such as the bench press, but also to revitalize squats and calf, body movements low that many prefer to play with a free weight barbell as machinery.

Some opt for a squat rack instead of a power rack, and this is a mistake, because the beams provided by a power rack telescopes are specifically designed to serve as a protective mechanism in case of a bodybuilder will lose weight control or during its whole, while a squat rack does not allow this important protective layer. With a power rack, spotting is easy to do without the aid of a lifting weights partners, as you can put weight on a reduced set of initial lift off pickets large telescopes and long beams are anchored to the bottom protection complete during each weight lifting.

Many gyms offer power rack, although some can buy one, and bodybuilders who understand the value of this particular piece of training equipment quickly monopolize the device, which also requires those who seek the advantage to try both and “work” (which is extremely uncomfortable if you use both bodybuilders and strength exercises are the same, but almost never), or wait until the power rack is available, which is a waste of time (and others may wonder “work” as well!). So if you have enough space at home, purchasing a power rack for your home gym is a much better choice as a combination of a rack of power with a bench of training, necklaces two dumbbells, barbells and dumbbells discs, dramatic weight training is possible at home, alone, you reach failure on all strength training exercises without safety observer.

The other insurmountable problem is trying to find a training partner with weights to be identified in the pressure of heavy shoulders and training exercises like the others, is that unless you’re surrounded by a bodybuilder strong army of many is enough can be incapacitated under a weight, even when an observer looks at you train, how to reach the failure is necessary that it can not collect energy to complete one repetition, and for an observer to lift a dead weight of a permanent position is extremely dangerous and difficult, to the point where the viewer may be able to help avoid becoming trapped under a rocker such as energy reduction when your reserves with a drive together.

With a power rack, this is not a problem, as you adjust the beam spot position where the bar can not cause it to become stuck under, no matter how maximum weight you use for bodybuilding training session and I highly recommend, even if you train with a reliable and very strong, always rely on a power rack to spot during all emergency drills to ensure a sense of high safety and maximum intensity without risking unnecessarily severe injuries.

Camping in your own garden

Pitching up a tent in the garden and spending the night there. It seems trivial, but for children it is a tremendously exciting experience. With a small tent (no need an expensive tent, one of tents for sale is OK), you make a night they will not soon forget.


Involve your children in the preparation of the camp eight. Choose a nice spot in the garden and pitch up the tent together, air mattresses on the bladder and make it cozy with down blankets or sleeping bags, pillows and stuffed animals.

You should not pitch your tent in the full sun, do so when the hottest time of the day is over. A tent warms up more quickly than it cools.

If there is rain on the way, please ensure that your tent is waterproof. No greater atmosphere breaker than a leaky tent.

Keep the tent closure as much as possible. Mosquitoes and other insects can make the night a lot less pleasant.

If the entrance of the tent does not look to the house, then your kids will feel like they are on vacation.

If you have no air mattresses or sleeping mats, you had better ask your neighbors or relatives if they can help you.

A flashlight should not be missed in the tent.

The beginning of the evening

If the tent is up and it’s time for dinner, then why do you choose not to eat in the tent, socializing instead of in house or on the terrace?

Let your children choose a dish that they like to eat. Older children can do that themselves, under your supervision, prepare typical Exchange stoves. For smaller children, it is too dangerous and you must help them. Also be careful with the barbecue!

Place your table garden near your tent and use it as a table for dinner.

Food, of course, you do on plastic plates. You can drink out of plastic cups.

Night falls

After the delicious meal it’s time to relax!

Put some attractive garden torches so that the tent will be warmed up in a pleasant light.

Please, if you have enough space, you should set up a campfire. With small children, that is something too dangerous, so maybe you could choose a safer alternative. An outdoor fireplace and garden stove also provides warmth and is very cozy.

Provide tasty and healthy dishes to enjoy in peace.

Tell a nice story to your children. You can tell the best stories with good preparation.

An interactive story is also nice. You start with a story and in the middle of your story you stop and mark someone who invents a sequel. If anything is stuck, you can always intervene to pull it going again. You can do stories telling both outside and inside the tent.

If it gets really dark, you and your kids can be on a big blanket watching to the stars. Teach your children know some constellations. Behind the name of many constellations lies a story. It can be fun to mention it there.

Sleep well

Of course, you and your children can stay up very late at night. How nice it is, they have to hit the sack. Because it is a special night that a bit later than normal hours is fine, but may not need to overdo it. How excited the children are, once they are without you in their tent in the garden, they can sometimes be very afraid. It is therefore important to set them at ease. Agree that they can come in if you need anything. If you and your children want and there is room enough, then of course you can sleep together in the tent. That makes a pleasant evening together completely.

The next morning

Children can wake up very early, especially in a tent where the birds chirping and the first rays of sunlight illuminate the tent. To the magic of camping yet as to maintain, you can bring breakfast in the tent for the kids. A refreshing breakfast in the tent is a wonderful ending to your camping adventure in the garden.

How about you? Have you ever prepared a camping in your garden? Are there any interesting stories to tell? Share with us now!

Sleep Walking Can be Treated Using Essential Oils

Sleepwalking is also known as somnambulism which is a disorder in a person’s behavior that originates from deep sleep leading to complex behaviors like walking while a person is asleep. Lack of sleep is the main reason why a person experiences this, but it mostly happens to children than adults. Another symptom of sleep walking is sitting up in bed and then will look all around the room or house. People also have the tendency to leave the house or drive off. There is a belief that a person who is sleep walking should not be disturbed, but it can be dangerous if left alone. According to research, sleepwalking can affect one’s mental performance for the rest of their life. Even unpleasant environment, emotional stress, and medical conditions affect sleepwalking. Before using artificial methods, try out natural remedies like essential oils because they can work as well. Aromatherapy diffuser reviews will help you a lot if you are looking for one that can help you use essential oils for sleepwalking.

Essential oils for sleepwalking

Cedarwood oil

It is an essential oil that stimulates the pineal gland that is responsible for the release of melatonin. It can either be applied to the skin topically or dropped into an air diffuser. If you want to apply it topically, the best spot is the brainstem.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is used for sleepwalking because of its ability to give a person a soothing feeling. You can rub essential oil on your pillow, around the neck or forehead when you are about to sleep.

Sandalwood oil

Using this oil is also recommended because it is able to go between the barrier separating the blood from the brain so it has a direct effect to the brain. Aside from this, it also stimulates and oxygenates the pineal gland. The role of the pineal gland is to release the melatonin that is important for regulating the cycle of sleep. This oil can be applied topically on the forehead or around the neck. Continue Reading

Canopy Commercial Use Tips

Content of the article:

  • Attach your banners to sail at a sidewalk sale
  • Create an outdoor workshop
  • Get a driver’s canopy
  • Be careful with your sail in a storm
  • Bring a canopy for the driving range
  • Relaxing resort from lemonade shop
  • Accurately weigh your veil
  • Put a canopy over your spa

Attach your banners to navigate at a sidewalk sale

If you use an awning on the pavement selling your business, attach a flag for added exposure. The flag you choose should be bright, but not covered with graphics that detract from your message. Look for a banner that is machine washable for easy cleaning and durable so it can be used again for your next success selling sidewalk.

Create an outdoor workshop

Nobody wants to be stuck in a garage or sultry delivery on a good day, but if you have a construction project that you need to do quickly, it may look like it’s your only answer. If you want to get your project done and enjoy the outdoors together, put up your sail in the yard or driveway and work there. Guests enjoy fresh air but still be able to check your project on your list of things to do.

Get a driver’s canopy

If your company or organization is hosting a special event that includes the use of a canopy, make sure to check with your city well in advance to determine whether or not you need a permit. If you need a license, you may have to provide information such as floor plan, terrain, and certification that the tent is fireproof. You may also be required to pay a license fee. Your city may require permits for awnings both inside and outside, so it is best to check before your event. You can do this with a cheap popup canopies for sale

Be careful with your sail in a storm

If in doubt, do not put your canopy during a windstorm or when a storm is approaching. Even if you have the best weight available for your sailing, the canopy will always be vulnerable to wind gusts to setup and remove. If picked up by the wind, the sail will become a grave danger that can cause injury to people and property.

Bring a canopy for the driving range

Your afternoon at the driving range does not have to be cut short by drizzle or scorching heat. Bring your veil with you to the driving range for protection against the elements. Call ahead to make sure that awnings are allowed, and whether there are size restrictions in place. Also, ask about the field so you can choose the best weight. In general, it is best to use a smaller awning to the driving range to avoid encroaching on the space of another golfer.

Relaxing resort from lemonade shop

Turn the lemonade of your children in a refueling oasis by setting up a canopy and chairs behind the lemonade stand. Guests can sip their lemonade in the shade while reclining comfortably on the chairs. Encouraging them to stay a little longer, you may even be able to sell an additional cup of lemonade. Remember to provide a bin for empty cups and paper napkins.

Accurately weigh your veil

Because a gust of wind can disrupt your awning even in sunny conditions, you should always consider your sail properly outdoors. Some commercial weight of the canopy is available for purchase. If you choose to make your weight canopy, follow a few rules to ensure safety and effectiveness.

1. Make sure that your weight house and cords that bind your awning are easily visible to people walking.

2. Never use sandbags or concrete blocks as they are deemed to cause the legs and toes scraped sprains.

3. Never use cords that stretch, that people can get tangled in them.

4. If using tent pegs to secure your awning, cover them with brightly covered foam and make sure they do not stick in the driveway common. The foam will draw attention to them and mitigate the impact if someone accidentally steps on them.

Put a canopy over your spa

There is nothing like sitting in your outdoor hot tub on a chilly night. To ensure that rain does not interrupt your relaxation, place a canopy over your spa. This will keep the rain, but you can continue to enjoy your outdoor spa.


Pack and play must-have properties

Playpen height adjustable

Adjustable pack and play turn out, as well as height-adjustable cots as a practical option to the ‘static’ versions. It is possible that the floor set at several heights and therefore can be adapted to the size and increasing the mobility of the child. The larger the child is and the better it stand upright and can run, the lower the bottom is set and is thus the smaller the risk that the child climbs without the supervision of the bars. The smaller the child is, the higher the soil can be adjusted. Thus, the back of mom and dad will be less hurt when lifting and to be put in the child.

Adjustable pack and plays are advantageous as they can be at least used until your baby is 2 or 3 years old, and are suitable for both small and somewhat older children. It is available as a classic version, a hexagon, or also in a round design. Similarly, height adjustable pack and plays in all common materials are available – from wood to metal to plastic. Also as far as the degree of adjustability of the height, there are numerous variations. Some models can be 3-fold while others may have 6 or even 9.

It seems that the respective settings are also age appropriate, the pack and play center can gradually develop into a useful and stable pack and play, at which the child can pull up and learn to walk unencumbered. At no point, the height adjustment shall be such that the child could climb on the grid. Supportive for height adjustment may prevent the child from trying to rise above the grid lockable and hinged doors and loopholes. However, it must be noted that the output is always at ground level, ie that the ground is properly adjusted to allow the child an independent in or out running and excludes injuries there.

Pack and play with deposits

No matter which variant of pack and play one chooses – the current models all have certain deposits, whether as an integral part of the soil or as an accessory. Primarily, the padding should be taken in the deposit on the quality of the material and thickness. One should keep in mind that the floor is usually made of wood, metal or plastic, and without or with a very thin and hard liner is very inconvenient.

Since pack and play does not serve to sleep in the first place, the deposits are not as soft as mattresses, yet not be too hard. Shatter-proof edges and not too big gaps between grids and bottom protect against slipping and before that the child gets stuck with his feet or hands between the grids. The deposits are usually made of cotton and have sometimes a washable surface. Especially when playing or drinking or eating in the playpen can something goes wrong. In this respect, deposits are easy to clean particularly.

Other deposits within the nest are however best for very small children. These deposits can practically depend on the height adjustment of the base are attached to the entire pack and play and particularly soft padding. Similar to the baby crib these deposits prevent the baby from being injured while kicking or turning. Thanks to fasteners and tie straps for fastening, these deposits can be removed easily as a rule and clean.

The designs and applications are suitable for children such as squeaking that promote sensory and motor skills, are a welcome addition to the traditional toy and make the deposit not only a practical but also helpless and instructive accessories. Pack and play deposits should be waterproof and available in different sizes, so they do not slip and fit perfectly into the existing pack and play. They should also be breathable and allow adequate air circulation.

Foldable pack and play

Generally, it can distinguish between foldable and folding playpens. While foldable pack and play particularly suitable for everyday use for small spaces and to pull them apart, fold or leave it folded, even if they are attached to the bottom of the pack and play, folding pack and play is used as a separate room divider or guard in front of stairs, fireplaces or balconies.

This variant is usually sold with mounting devices for walls or extensions. They also prove to be very handy when traveling or visiting. Is it namely for only short stays, folding and removable frame assemblies of pack and play can be installed without ground. However, care must be taken to ensure that the ground is warm, dry and soft.

The advantage of folding pack and play lies in its space-saving character while the folding variant is characterized by its universal applicability. From the travel grid can therefore also be produced outside the actual soil generous protected areas for the child – and this in a few easy steps. Most of the foldable frame structure is constructed so that a grid side can fold down when mounted on the bottom piece and thus the child has an input and output from the crib, which can use it independently.

If the pack and play is no longer needed, the pack and play can be folded up and stowed easily without a complex degradation would be necessary. The disadvantage of these pack and plays can be seen in no doubt that they are usually not as robust and stable as similar fixed structures. On the other hand, they have a great deal of flexibility and mobility for parents on how to children. Foldable pack and plays are available in most cases as rectangular or hexagonal versions of wood, plastic or metal and some are equipped with rollers.

Round pack and play or baby crib?

Your baby is coming? And you can decide whether to choose a round pack and play or a baby crib? Here is the comparison between these two.

Round pack and play

Round pack and plays are similar to other pack and play models in different sizes, materials and styles available. Thus, there are round pack and play, which are made of solid wood, rather lighter metal or flexible plastic. Regardless of the material, it is available as models with height adjustable floor, with rollers and / or bars with the loophole or folding grid side.

As somewhat impractical could be perceived that you can not provide space saving in corners with round pack and play and they occupy more space accordingly. The advantage, however, is similar to hexagonal pack and play that mom and dad from each side have a very good access and the child is remembered in part to a cradle / cot because of the round shape and the other part does not necessarily have to think of a rectangular cot. Depending on the age both may be advantageous. While that is still looking for something smaller children the security of weighing, more children do not like to go to sleep often.

Moreover, these pack and plays offer the possibility that depending on the diameter of more than one child can sit in a circle and play with each other. Furthermore, the child can, in a round pack and play, enjoy the view around, to look around and literally get to know other geometric shapes, in contrast to the rectangular cot, for example. It can be executed in a circle and thereby make a whole new experience. Depending on the size, it can be somewhat difficult to push closed doors with round pack and play. Care should be taken before buying in any case since otherwise the potentially shared by rolling mobility is limited, you may not be able to push the child in pack and play out of the room.

Similarly, other pack and plays can also be a round in part depending on the liner and upholstery and are temporarily used as cots. This should, however, necessarily be provided sufficient cushioning the soil and adequate and proper air circulation and quality of the deposit.

Crib or cot

Unlike pack and play, cots primarily protect the sleep of the child but are similarities to pack and play and not be dismissed out of hand. Cots’ base, unlike a pack and play, has a mattress with the appropriate mattress and slatted frame. They can be quite useful when it comes to that the child learns to pull himself up on its own and to run. But in principle, one should draw a clear line between pack and play and cot. The fact is that children do not like to sleep in certain phases, the crib is correspondingly negative. And also like a pack and play, the child will not like to play in it.

Cots, as well as most pack and play, have one or more removable bars so that the child can climb over when reaching a certain age automatically in and out of the bed. Ideally, cots are also equipped with height adjustable rollers. Thus, the bed or the grid can grow with the child and be taken anywhere to where mom or dad are. In addition, the ability to adjust the bed variable height is very gentle to the parents’ back and prevents the child rises above the grid.

Cots are available as the classic rectangular variant of solid wood or metal, but as there are hexagonal and round versions. Since a crib always needs a mattress, care should be taken when purchasing that this can also be retrofitted without any problems. Particularly with respect to the mattress, parents should pay attention to shatter-proof edges to prevent slipping of the child. The distance of the grid is important so that the child does not hurt. So a minimum distance of 4.5 cm and a maximum of 7.5 cm is ideal in order to minimize the risk of trapping and danger of slipping. Sometimes cots after a certain time can be used as a normal cot if one removes the bars when the child no longer needs it as a pack and play as the protection.

Good luck with the choice!

Buy sewing machine: ten tips from an expert

How one sewing machine is much nicer than the other? To answer this question, I will give you some tips that you can pay attention to choose the best sewing machines for beginners. These tips are written by Hans Nijtmans, owner of the Nijtmans Sewing Machine Store in Tiel and lecturer at the Sewing Machine vocational training.

Note the hallmark on the sewing machine

When purchasing a sewing machine in general, it is important that you should make sure the hallmark on the machine you are going to buy is certified. Make sure this is a label for sewing businesses, providing additional security often on the relevant store or this certified website.

Choose a shop with its own workshop

If you buy a sewing machine, it is important that you can rely on the supplier. You should be able to get an extra (free) additional instruction on the machine, so you get the most enjoyment and your new addition. The store you choose should have access to a private workshop.

Take a reliable brand

In the choice of brand of sewing machine, it is important to look at the reliability of the brand: the name dose say a lot. If a brand is a household name, they probably deserve in the past. In addition, each brand has its own quality. So let yourself be informed well before making the purchase.

Consider an IDT system

For quilting with the sewing machine, there are several issues of importance. The fabric should not move, especially not when using cotton wool as interlayer. Therefore, a sewing machine with IDT system is highly recommended. This system ensures that certain fabric layers do not slide relative to each other.

Note the antique quilt stitches

There are sewing machines that have special antique quilt stitches, so your quilt gets a nice “hand-made” appearance. Do you find this quilt stitches important? Ask for it in the store where you buy the machine.

Provide adequate piercing effect

The power of the sewing machine is of great importance, because also it must achieve an optimal push-through force at low speeds. Therefore, it is look to good on it or if the machine has an electronic engine control system. This allows the piercing power at all speeds remains strong (hence the extremely slow sewing).

Choose a sewing machine with a free-hand position

The machine must have a free hand position. That means that the machine has a special position of the foot, making it easy to carry out the “free hand” to meander.

Consider the needle stop.

You may choose to take a machine with a needle stop. In this type of machines, it is possible to program the needle, so that it always ends up in the fabric, or just above the substance stops. Today it is even possible to program everything; even raising the presser foot is easy. Or you could choose a machine with a knee lift to raise the presser foot, so you can keep your hands on sewing.

Look at the available accessories

It almost goes without saying that you have to notice the available accessories that go with the machine on your purchase where you can practice your hobby at great condition such as feet, quilting tables etc. Many brands can charge for a directory with all available accessories in it.

Make a wish list

Of course, a good sewing machine takes money, but before you get to “hunting machine”, make a list of things that need to satisfy your sewing machine. Then it is much easier for the consultant at the store to advise you well and for you, it is also easier to ensure that you do not go home with a much expanded, too expensive for you, machine.

Another important tip by Wilma Karels:

  • Do not compromise on your sewing machine
  • Do not compromise on the “tools” you are working with many hours of your life! I own a Pfaff Quilt Expression 2046 by Hans Nijtmans more than a year ago which cost quite some money here, but once I start working after a few hours on the wonderful machine, I completely forgot about the price.

What could a Squat crack (Power rack) help?

You can squat alone or just using some accessories, however, to improve muscles and reduce fat all in your body, you will need more than some accessories. The solution is a squat rack.
In this article, we will offer you exercise that you can work on with or without a squat rack. And some specific exercises go with a squat rack. Think before you start practicing, but our recommendation is that you should take one as soon as possible if you intend to work-out seriously. You can check out some best power racks on the market before buying one.

The squat with dumbbells

The squat with dumbbells is perfect if you use small loads. However, this alternative is not recommended if you want heavy.

Squat jump

Plyometrics is probably one of the current training techniques the most misunderstood, which may explain why the bodybuilders usually abandon. Unlike bodybuilding training that tends to apply a combination of fast fibers, slow, intermediate, plyometric training recruits fast fibers that produce a great power. It turns out that it is the fibers that have the greatest tendency to develop. However, plyometric training probably has a more direct effect on muscle development itself. But increasing the number of neuromuscular circuits, you will theoretically more actively solicited fibers during your workout with resistance, resulting in increased muscle growth. Other variants of the squat

Overhead squat

The bar is held above the head during movement.

Zercher Squat

The bar is held in the elbow. This variant requires strength in the arms.

Split squat

Unilateral squat with one leg.

What is the best position of the feet?

Experts from sports and science center in West Sussex (England), tested the effects of slight rotations of the feet on the method of recruitment of the major muscles of the front of the thighs during the squat with six weightlifters confirmed 3.

We asked each about the favorite position during a test to squat. Before the study, the researchers plot of ground references in the cage to squats to indicate an internal rotation of the legs 10 degrees, 0 degrees (neutral), and external rotation of 10 and 20 degrees. Subjects then completed three squats in each of the four feet positions with 65% and 75% of their max.

The researchers found that “for every muscle … no difference was recorded in the level of the maximum activity with rotation to foot 75% and 65% of the RM”. In other words, when the feet are placed in these particular positions, the core muscles of the front of the thighs perform the same work, the toes are directed outward, the front or inside. So for those of you who regularly practice the squat every week, continue to place your feet in the position with which you are comfortable, that is to say without this triggers knee pain. If you try different positions, remember that stability and security are the key elements of a good squat technique.

Shims and spacing feet

Do you ever wonder why some do squat with a wedge under the heel? For most practitioners, it is because they have poor technique: consequently their heels off the floor and / or they lack flexibility in the Achilles tendon. These two handicaps can be easily fixed: get rid of the hold and learn proper technique! This will prevent your heels off the ground and also develop the flexibility to the Achilles tendon.

Main muscles

Biomechanically, the squat exercises represent a fairly complex game and anatomy of muscles is also complex. Talking of each muscle group involved in the squat and address its various degrees of intervention could represent a quarter of work. We therefore mention that the major muscles and the main functions.

Stents column

Extensors of the column have the lumbar, dorsal long and iliocostalis. Not only these muscles realize the extension of the back, but they work hard to maintain the correct posture, particularly in the lumbar spine and at the hip when doing the squat.

The hip extensors

The great glutes contribute in large measure to control the descent and is highly stressed when you blow to go up. Another function of glutes is to firmly hold your thighs when you make the move.

The knee extensors

The quadriceps is the main working muscles during the squat. They produce much of the power and allow passing the deep bending to standing. The previous law, vastus, the vastus lateralis and femoral are heavily involved but the degree of their contribution varies the amplitude. Some of the knee extensors are as hip extensors.


The small, medium and large adductor muscles are all located inside of the thigh. Their main function is to reduce the thigh inward from a lateral position and to flex the leg at the hip. During the squat, three muscles act as stabilizers powerful.

The knee flexor

Hamstrings, biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus are often overlooked during the squat because they bend the knee while the squat is primarily a knee extension exercise. However, when you get off, your hamstrings may be substantial shrinkage to control the speed of descent. When you go back, your hamstrings will also contract to help the hip extension.