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A Leading Manufacturer of Lockers and Safes

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Sentry Group introduced a new portable locker at the Dec 1994 School Home & Office Product Show as part of its effort to broaden its market beyond mass merchants and home centers. The new Portable Lock’R is intended for sale at supermarkets, sporting goods stores, pharmacies, home shopping networks and other outlets. It is a plastic container that locks to stationary objects and is designed for storing valuables, such as watches, keys or glasses.

Sentry Group, a leading manufacturer of lockers and safes, hopes to broaden its distibution with a new mini locker designed for people on the move.

A Leading Manufacturer of Lockers and Safes

In a move to expand beyond mass merchants and home centers, Sentry is aiming its new Portable Lock’R at supermarkets, pharmacies, sporting good stores, automotive supply shops, home shopping networks and other outlets.

“Real interest and excitement almost immediately started to click for this product,” said Sentry product manager Peter Serron. “There was a real need established.”

Portable Lock’R–a plastic container that stores small personal items and locks to stationary objects–was introduced at the School Home & Office Product Association (SHOPA) Show Dec. 8 to 10.

Designed for today’s active, outdoors and travel lifestyles, the Portable Lock’R has uses in various settings, including the pool, beach, hotel, camper, car, recreational vehicle, boat, dormitory, office or home, according to the company.

“It’s a theft deterrent to prevent crimes of opportunity,” said Serron, adding that the locker isn’t crime proof.

Made of durable high-impact molded plastic, the locker features concealed hinges that resist prying and a spring-loaded latch that ensures a tight closure, Serron said.

A Master Lock four-digit barrel security lock

With a usersettable combination, is built into the unit.

To lock and go, a MasterLock multi-strand aircraft cable can be looped around any stationery object such as a fence, car trunk hinge or bed frame. The cable resists cutting, offers a 1,000 pound physical pull strength and the length adjusts up to 15 inches for flexibility.

Available in two sizes, the smaller unit measures 11/16 by 57/8 by 61/16 inches and weighs 1 pound. The container comes in yellow or dark gray and features an interior compartment designed to hold several small items such as a billfold, keys, watch or jewelry.

The larger size measures 2 15/ 16 by 91/2 by 85/16 inches and weighs 2 pounds. The interior compartment is large enough to hold a wallet, keys, jewelry, compact camera and sunglasses. It comes in dark gray.

The product comes packaged in a four-color clam shell suited for peg or rack merchandising. Sentry also offers retailers a bright yellow pre-pack display, which can hold six units each of the yellow and gray smaller sizes, plus a half-dozen large lockers.

Currently shipping, suggested retail prices are $19.99 to $24.99 for the small locker and $29.99 to $34.99 for the large unit. Initial orders include Caldor, Home Depot, Office Depot and Zellers.

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