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Forms of tents

The igloo tents for sale or dome is the most vintage store. The rods are crossed diagonally over the base, thereby tensing the outer fabric. The dome tents are very resistant to the wind and external conditions, although the interior space is quite small. An advantage of tents igloo type or dome is that it can be mounted without tension.

The tunnel tents offer the best ratio between surface and volume of the passenger compartment, so are suitable for families. Several arched rods support the outer layer of the store and give the typical form of the tunnel. For mounting pegs and tension are needed.

Geodetic stores are stores toughest campaign. By the way are similar to stores dome but include a larger number of rods and their assembly is more complicated. This structure provides greater stability, so stores geodetic campaign are best suited to extreme weather conditions.

In addition to the types of tent described other forms, not as standard as Canadian stores. There is also stores snapshots campaign: Mounts in a few seconds, making it the fastest option to unexpected events.

Tents and weather

In warm environments most important is to keep the store too hot. In this case, the store features are:

  • Good ventilation and if possible opposed openings
  • Layer inside the warehouse with option to be mounted without the outer layer
  • Light colors
  • Store outer layer from reaching the floor
  • good mosquito net

If you are traveling to an area where it can be inclement weather, you must ensure you have enough interior space to store their belongings and to stay in it. It is also important that the tent is kept dry. The following characteristics are recommended:

  • Giant apes to store luggage
  • spacious cabin
  • good ventilation
  • High-quality floor and large base in the inner layer of the warehouse to prevent moisture
  • The inside of the store and the outside should not be in contact
  • The inside of the store should be nylon or polyester that dries quickly.

In regions with the strong wind, it is critical tighten the store correctly. Some factors may favor the stability of the warehouse before the wind:

  • Stores with rounded are more stable against storms (such as igloo tents)
  • The aerodynamic shape and a smooth outer layer that reaches the ground allow better withstand the wind
  • stable linkage
  • Have multiple hooks to tighten Store
  • Two opposite entrances

If using the tent in extreme conditions, the most important thing is not to skimp on quality because your life may be in danger. This type of store should be able to withstand both rain and wind. You should also consider:

  • You must be able to mount the store even with gloves
  • Materials should be flexible even in sub-zero temperatures
  • The coating materials must withstand temperatures below zero
  • The store should be able to withstand the weight of snow
  • It is necessary to have large apses

How to mount a tent

Riding a family-sized tent can be complicated and time-consuming, but not impossible. With only two people, pitch your tent and secure. Before you pack up and leave your home, make sure you bring all fabric, stakes, and poles. Do not forget to bring a mallet or a hammer and a roll of tape, just in case.


  1. Make sure you get to your camp before dark. Pitch a tent in the dark or with a flashlight or lantern; it can certainly take a long time. It can also be dangerous or at least uncomfortable if you end up sleeping on a stick that you lost while you cleaned the area to set up camp.
  2. Clear the area on which you mount the store. Clean all stones and sticks. Later you may be uncomfortable or painful if you sleep on top of one and can also make you stumble, while placing the store in place.
  3. Most tents come with specific instructions but begins by setting the tent on the ground and tie with different cables to differences posts. Once organized, take cuttings and insert them into rings or strips that are at the ends of the tent. This requires the help of two people working on opposite sides of the tent.
  4. Store up and secure it by placing the stakes into the ground. Rotates the same until the door is in the desired direction.
  5. Extends the floor of the store so there are no wrinkles, working from opposite sides thereof. If the ground is very consistent, it may take some time.

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