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Buy sewing machine: ten tips from an expert

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How one sewing machine is much nicer than the other? To answer this question, I will give you some tips that you can pay attention to choose the best sewing machines for beginners. These tips are written by Hans Nijtmans, owner of the Nijtmans Sewing Machine Store in Tiel and lecturer at the Sewing Machine vocational training.

Note the hallmark on the sewing machine

When purchasing a sewing machine in general, it is important that you should make sure the hallmark on the machine you are going to buy is certified. Make sure this is a label for sewing businesses, providing additional security often on the relevant store or this certified website.

Choose a shop with its own workshop

If you buy a sewing machine, it is important that you can rely on the supplier. You should be able to get an extra (free) additional instruction on the machine, so you get the most enjoyment and your new addition. The store you choose should have access to a private workshop.

Take a reliable brand

In the choice of brand of sewing machine, it is important to look at the reliability of the brand: the name dose say a lot. If a brand is a household name, they probably deserve in the past. In addition, each brand has its own quality. So let yourself be informed well before making the purchase.

Consider an IDT system

For quilting with the sewing machine, there are several issues of importance. The fabric should not move, especially not when using cotton wool as interlayer. Therefore, a sewing machine with IDT system is highly recommended. This system ensures that certain fabric layers do not slide relative to each other.

Note the antique quilt stitches

There are sewing machines that have special antique quilt stitches, so your quilt gets a nice “hand-made” appearance. Do you find this quilt stitches important? Ask for it in the store where you buy the machine.

Provide adequate piercing effect

The power of the sewing machine is of great importance, because also it must achieve an optimal push-through force at low speeds. Therefore, it is look to good on it or if the machine has an electronic engine control system. This allows the piercing power at all speeds remains strong (hence the extremely slow sewing).

Choose a sewing machine with a free-hand position

The machine must have a free hand position. That means that the machine has a special position of the foot, making it easy to carry out the “free hand” to meander.

Consider the needle stop.

You may choose to take a machine with a needle stop. In this type of machines, it is possible to program the needle, so that it always ends up in the fabric, or just above the substance stops. Today it is even possible to program everything; even raising the presser foot is easy. Or you could choose a machine with a knee lift to raise the presser foot, so you can keep your hands on sewing.

Look at the available accessories

It almost goes without saying that you have to notice the available accessories that go with the machine on your purchase where you can practice your hobby at great condition such as feet, quilting tables etc. Many brands can charge for a directory with all available accessories in it.

Make a wish list

Of course, a good sewing machine takes money, but before you get to “hunting machine”, make a list of things that need to satisfy your sewing machine. Then it is much easier for the consultant at the store to advise you well and for you, it is also easier to ensure that you do not go home with a much expanded, too expensive for you, machine.

Another important tip by Wilma Karels:

  • Do not compromise on your sewing machine
  • Do not compromise on the “tools” you are working with many hours of your life! I own a Pfaff Quilt Expression 2046 by Hans Nijtmans more than a year ago which cost quite some money here, but once I start working after a few hours on the wonderful machine, I completely forgot about the price.

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