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Camping in your own garden

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Pitching up a tent in the garden and spending the night there. It seems trivial, but for children it is a tremendously exciting experience. With a small tent (no need an expensive tent, one of tents for sale is OK), you make a night they will not soon forget.


Involve your children in the preparation of the camp eight. Choose a nice spot in the garden and pitch up the tent together, air mattresses on the bladder and make it cozy with down blankets or sleeping bags, pillows and stuffed animals.

You should not pitch your tent in the full sun, do so when the hottest time of the day is over. A tent warms up more quickly than it cools.

If there is rain on the way, please ensure that your tent is waterproof. No greater atmosphere breaker than a leaky tent.

Keep the tent closure as much as possible. Mosquitoes and other insects can make the night a lot less pleasant.

If the entrance of the tent does not look to the house, then your kids will feel like they are on vacation.

If you have no air mattresses or sleeping mats, you had better ask your neighbors or relatives if they can help you.

A flashlight should not be missed in the tent.

The beginning of the evening

If the tent is up and it’s time for dinner, then why do you choose not to eat in the tent, socializing instead of in house or on the terrace?

Let your children choose a dish that they like to eat. Older children can do that themselves, under your supervision, prepare typical Exchange stoves. For smaller children, it is too dangerous and you must help them. Also be careful with the barbecue!

Place your table garden near your tent and use it as a table for dinner.

Food, of course, you do on plastic plates. You can drink out of plastic cups.

Night falls

After the delicious meal it’s time to relax!

Put some attractive garden torches so that the tent will be warmed up in a pleasant light.

Please, if you have enough space, you should set up a campfire. With small children, that is something too dangerous, so maybe you could choose a safer alternative. An outdoor fireplace and garden stove also provides warmth and is very cozy.

Provide tasty and healthy dishes to enjoy in peace.

Tell a nice story to your children. You can tell the best stories with good preparation.

An interactive story is also nice. You start with a story and in the middle of your story you stop and mark someone who invents a sequel. If anything is stuck, you can always intervene to pull it going again. You can do stories telling both outside and inside the tent.

If it gets really dark, you and your kids can be on a big blanket watching to the stars. Teach your children know some constellations. Behind the name of many constellations lies a story. It can be fun to mention it there.

Sleep well

Of course, you and your children can stay up very late at night. How nice it is, they have to hit the sack. Because it is a special night that a bit later than normal hours is fine, but may not need to overdo it. How excited the children are, once they are without you in their tent in the garden, they can sometimes be very afraid. It is therefore important to set them at ease. Agree that they can come in if you need anything. If you and your children want and there is room enough, then of course you can sleep together in the tent. That makes a pleasant evening together completely.

The next morning

Children can wake up very early, especially in a tent where the birds chirping and the first rays of sunlight illuminate the tent. To the magic of camping yet as to maintain, you can bring breakfast in the tent for the kids. A refreshing breakfast in the tent is a wonderful ending to your camping adventure in the garden.

How about you? Have you ever prepared a camping in your garden? Are there any interesting stories to tell? Share with us now!

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