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Comparative game eye cameras tests and reviews

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Test Overview: game camera reviews

This test was performed by the SVT Creteil academy Greid during 2013.

Protocol and technical choices

For each camera, we used an operating system “virgin” to place the cameras in the same computing environment and avoid any “interference” due to previous installations. For it,

We have installed as many virtual machines (VMware) that cameras have.

We made the choice to take the Windows XP operating system and limit the RAM to 256MB machine (although this configuration was not necessarily recommended by the manufacturer).

Two software packages are installed: 4.0.3 and Libre Office version 3.3 Mesurim.

The cameras were originally connected to the computer to check for possible automatic driver installation by the operating system. Thereafter, the various software distributed with the camera have been installed.

A cat lung blade was used to make the catch. The initial observation without camera and settings were made with an optical microscope with a X10 objective and eyepiece.

Catches of images were made without change of setting of contrast and color, except for the white balance.

General remarks

Generally, the tested cameras provided a smaller field of view than the one obtained with the microscope eyepiece (X10). This zoom effect is more or less marked depending on the model.

The eyepiece portion of the microscope camera requires little or no focus change. This is comparable to regulate effectors when the observer changes on an optical microscope without the camera.

The reaction time for the screen to display the focus changes or displacements of the blade depends on the amount of information to calculate and thus the number of pixels. This depends on the resolution display and the sensor definition. Some visualization software does not allow changing the display resolution or offer in their list, only one resolution. In this case, data is the characteristics of the selected computer; latency is too long to properly adjust the settings on the microscope. This problem is corrected with a more powerful computer.

One model does not require the installation of a special driver. Twain plug-in update is essential to allow the acquisition of images directly in certain software such as Mesurin or treatment text. Our tests have detected outdated versions of this plug-in, which have since been updated by suppliers. Anyway, if the direct acquisition of a photo by Mesurim is not possible, you can always consider importing a posteriori image file.

We could not, however, prevent us to enjoy the features offered by some of them …

PS4 PlayStation Camera: Should you buy?

With the levers, the PS4 Camera will improve your gaming experience, but is it really worth to buy the PS4 camera?

With the levers, the PS4 Camera is an accessory that allows interaction to navigate the console menus and play with compatible games. It will also improve the gaming experience by allowing gamers to share their parties.

Introducing the PS4 Camera: a compact and sleek design

The PS4 camera is small and light compact black bar connected to the console with a dedicated auxiliary connector. It has two small high-definition cameras (1280 × 800 px) for motion recognition and detection of joysticks. It also has four microphones necessary for voice control. Besides motion detection for games, the camera allows navigating the controller-free menu. Finally, the cameras can be displayed on the screen when the player sharing its streaming portion.

The advantages of the PS4 Camera

Unlike the PS Eye of the PS3 which requires dedicated controllers, the new PS4 Camera interacts directly with the controllers involved. Detection is not a problem. Among the advantages of the PS4 Camera, it also includes facial recognition that lets you log in automatically. The Playroom application that comes with the PS4 allows a camera grip. According to the headlines, it is possible to represent in the game.

PS4 Camera: a test not entirely transformed

Though the PS4 Camera seduces you by its many features, it has some shortcomings, including a game compatible library still sparse. It is also necessary to have a drop of two meters to play comfortably

To buy the PS4 Camera, you can just go to online shops specialized in high-tech, Amazon.com, for example.

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