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Eight tips for buying a pillow


Do you suffer from back or neck pain? Does insomnia scare you out? Maybe it’s time to look for another pillow. Some people sleep for years with the same pillow, but often a pillow, after three to five years of use, must be replaced. Are you going to buy a pillow? We have some tips for on what you should look for when buying a new pillow.

1. Try pillows in the store before purchasing

It is best to try a few pillows in the store before making the final decision. Often, in a speciality store, the salesperson will give advice on what pillow suits you the most. Lie in the shop in your usual sleeping position and try them out. Have you found a pillow that may be appropriate? Ask if you can test it at home so that you can try it out a few nights.

2. Hard or soft mattress?

The harder the mattress, the higher / thicker pillow needed for good support of the head. Someone who sleeps on his back needs a higher pillow than someone who sleeps on his side. Do you sleep on your stomach? Belly sleepers should opt for a thin cushion for proper breathing.

3. Material

There are pillows of different materials for sale: viscoelastic foam, down, feather, bamboo and synthetic. An advantage of down and feather pillows is that they maintain good shape after years. Synthetic pillows are less formal and foldable, meanwhile, a cushion of viscoelastic heat and moulds to the body.

4. Anti-allergic

Do you have allergies? In this case, look for a pillow that is specifically designed for people with allergies. There are also special covers available for your allergies.

5. Sweating

Everybody sweats at night, but some may sweat more and faster than the other. For these people, a visco-elastic cushion is not recommended. In this cushion, the moisture development is, in fact, higher than in pillows made of other materials.

6. Washable

Scientific research has shown that pillows are ideal breeding ground for bacteria. One-third of the weight of your pillow might just consist of dead skin cells, insects, dust mites and their droppings. So, when buying a pillow, make sure it is easily washable.


7. Scent

What you would not immediately think of, but also must be paid attention to is the smell of a cushion. The smell of a cushion can be detected right away. Do not like the smell of latex? Then choose another pillow.

8. The most important criteria: Sleeping posture

Pillows for a slide sleepers

What is the best pillow for a slide sleepers? Before answering this question, it is useful to know first if you’re truly a slide sleeper.

A slide sleeper is someone who spends most of his or her sleep on one side of the body. Usually, the arms are bent beside the body, the hands are near the head, possibly with the duvet between the arms. The side position is usually considered as the best sleeping position because it prevents stress and low-back pain. Researchers have shown that 75% of people sleeping on the side, the rest of back sleepers and stomach sleepers only takes 25%. The best pillow for a slide sleepers is a firm and high pillow. For all types of sleepers, it is clear that a good pillow must fill up the space between the mattress and the head. Depending on the build and the firmness of the mattress, the ideal cushion can be determined for a slide sleepers.

The position of the head is relatively important for the abdomen and back sleepers. It is of great importance that the space between the shoulders and the head is filled in order to prevent a backache. The pillow should not be too high because that creates an overloading pressure on shoulders. Your neck has to make a straight line with the middle vertebra. For each person, there is different the amount of space that must be filled. However, it is true that down pillows are generally the best solution for side sleepers.

Personal choice: Which pillow is the best choice differs for each person. However, side sleeping posture can be classified into the smaller categories. This classification is usually done on the basis of the body. A tall, broad man opts for a tall and well-filled pillow, whereas a weedy little woman needs thin padding only. Try a few cushions that you think are best for you and let you be advised by an expert. Who knows whether a cushion is or is not appropriate. To make it as easy as possible, we have chosen the following format:

In short, there is not a special pillow that is suitable for all side sleepers. It’s a personal preference.

Pillows for back sleepers

Finding a pillow for back sleepers is relatively simple. Of all sleep positions, the supine position and the lateral position are the best for the body. The neck and the head can be well supported by a mating pad. Are you a back sleeper? What should you look for and what kind of pillow you should definitely not buy.

It is important that your cervical spine forms a straight line with your spine while sleeping. For side sleepers, there must be a large “gap” needed to be filled, meanwhile, for stomach sleepers, there is only a very small gap that should be filled. For back sleepers, the gap is about in between. A pillow with a medium hardness and an average bulk density is highly recommended for these people. But what is medium or average hardness?

The firmness of a pillow is stated on the product page and can be:

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm

The suppliers often determine this property. It is a subjective object which is difficult to measure. The bulk density is referred in the tag by all suppliers. It depends on your personal preference that which fill weight suits you better. If you prefer a soft cushion, choose a pillow with 700 grammes of fill weight.


Which pillows are not for back sleepers?

This sleeping position is often considered as the “neutral” sleeping position. What di I mean by that? It means that you should choose a medium hardness. An extremely hard or soft pillow is not recommended since your neck then is no longer on a straight line with your spine. This can cause neck pain. Have a large body build and a soft mattress? Choose a cushion with 1 kg of filling. Do you have a small stature and a firm bed, choose a pillow with a filling weight around 600 grammes.

Back sleepers have to choose between a box pillow or point cushion. We have a strong preference for other sleeping positions. However, if you also consider sleeping on your side, we recommend a box pillow. Do you change a supine position with a prone position? Then choose a point cushion.

Which pillow is best for me? The best pillow for a back sleeper is the medium pillow that best suits you. If you alternate your sleeping position, make changes in terms of firmness that determinants for the best pillow.

Pillows for stomach sleepers

Finding suitable pillow for a belly sleeper is quite simple. The reason is the small range. The best pillows for stomach sleepers are, in fact, pillows with low bulk density and the highest possible percentage of down. There are only a few cushions that meet these properties. These properties are recommended because the gap between your head and your bed should be as small as possible so that your shoulders and back form a straight line.

As previously mentioned, the pillow should be soft, light and preferably filled with around 500 grammes of down. Down is very resilient so that the head may well sink into the pillow. A too bulky or firm pillow can lead to neck pain. It is not even necessary to use a pillow if you sleep on your stomach, but it is generally perceived as less comfortable.

Requirements pillows for stomach sleepers:

  • It must be a point cushion
  • With a low bulk density (about 500 to 600 grammes)
  • With natural stuffing such as down or wool (preferably 100% goose down)

Brands of cushions for stomach sleepers: The specific requirements limits the number of choices stomach sleepers have. That makes the purchasing decision much easier. The three brands offering products for abdomen sleepers are Vandyck, Duvet Doré and Yumeko. Out of these pillows, respectively, the first two is the best choice. Both have cushions filled with 100% goose down while the another pillow is filled with duck down. Duck Down is just a little less resilient than goose down and thus is not highly recommended.

Is sleeping on stomach bad? You have probably heard about it. Stomach sleepers do not have the most convenient posture in their sleep. Is tummy sleeping a wrong sleeping position? Sleep experts indicate that a headache, neck pain, and dizziness may result from this sleep position. If you’re a real stomach sleeper, try to improve your sleeping position. A stomach sleeper advice from various sites is to put a small pillow under your chest and keep your arms toward the pillow. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit www.bedtimefriends.com.

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