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How to choose a handheld vacuum cleaner

A handheld vacuum cleaner, is also called “cordless vacuum” or “Table vacuum cleaner” can clean tables, keyboards, furniture, car, etc easily.

The handhelds are battery operated and are much more manageable than traditional vacuums, even if the suction power is much lower, and their limited range (usually about 10 minutes before needing to be reloaded). There are also other types which are more powerful such as best shark vacuum.

The hand vacuum cleaner includes:


  • The garbage collection on a table: it is the use of “vacuum table.” There is no need to use a large vacuum cleaner; the handheld unit can simply pick up the pieces in seconds.
  • The aspiration of the interior of a car: the hand vacuums can access to every corner, between the seats, the floor. Due to their small size, and these sons without vacuums can also be used in place of conventional vacuum cleaners to clean boats.
  • Cleaning furniture, sofas and chairs, or other damage of everyday life. For example, you can use the handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the hair that your dog or cat has left on the chair. Some handhelds are equipped with rotating brushes (the equivalent of turbo brushes conventional vacuum cleaners) that enable easier sucking the crumbs and pet hair left on fabrics. You can also use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the spilled flour, earth brought by shoes, remove dust in a drawer or on a shelf, without having to exit and connect your main vacuum cleaner.

The handheld vacuum cleaner does not replace the traditional canister vacuum to clean a home, but it plays a complementary role for specific needs thanks to its lightness and its unrivaled maneuverability.

The handheld vacuum cleaners are not equipped with bag: they contain a dust compartment, which can be easily cleaned and emptied. So there is generally no additional cost, except possibly for the hand vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter.

How to choose a hand vacuum?

The criteria to consider when choosing a cordless vacuum are:

1. The weight

You’ll have to handle this vacuum with one hand, so you have to make it as light as possible so as not to tire yourself. We advise you not to exceed 1.5 kg, unless you want to do weight training!

2. Autonomy and battery recharge time

Except for the hand vacuum for car models that have a cigarette lighter charger, most handhelds run on battery power, and should be placed on a docking station for recharging. Therefore, autonomy is an essential criterion in the choice of your hand vacuums.

For conventional uses of a hand vacuums you do not need autonomy. We recommend a range of about 10 minutes. Also check the battery charging time: a good battery can be recharged in 3 or 4 hours.

Regarding batteries, most handhelds use Lithium-ion batteries for the most high-end models, and NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) for conventional models. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and recharge rapidly (3-8h) than NiMh batteries (16-18h). It is available in almost expensive handhelds.

The battery voltage is an indication of the power of the handheld unit: the first price vacuums generally have batteries of 3.6 V or 4.8 V, and power can go up to 12 V or 22.2 V.

3. Suction power

Although it is less critical than for a conventional vacuum cleaner, a good suction power reduces the time to go for the cleaning. Depending on the purpose, aim for a suction power ranges between 8W and 30W. The more suction power, the greater the autonomy decreases, so it is highly recommended to have a power regulator that adapts the power suction depending on the surface to be sucked.

4. The supplied accessories

If you have needs that go beyond the “traditional” uses, remember to check that the necessary accessories are included. It is very useful to have a cigarette lighter cord and a long brush to reach all the corners while cleaning a car, and to vacuum pet hair.

Other accessories can facilitate the use of your hand vacuum: suction heads of different widths or lengths, extensions, etc … If the model that you are interested do not have the accessories you need, consider if you can order separately.

5. The sound level

The hand vacuums use cyclones to filter dust, and so they are fairly loud: 70 dB and 80 dB. Because they are used occasionally, then it is not very annoying and no manufacturer has launched silent hand vacuum model yet.

6. The price

Finally, the price of the handheld unit is obviously an important selection criterion. The first models with good value for money may be at around 30 €, and the most high-end models can exceed 150 €. Consider your budget according to your needs: If you intend to use every day, a quality model with thoughtful accessories will save you time.

The price range of handhelds is very wide, depending on the type of the expected use.



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