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How to choose best meat grinders

You get into the homemade and dream of making yourself pies, burgers, sausages? So you need the indispensable tool: the meat grinder. The question: how to choose a best meat grinder? Here’s our meat grinder reviews!

First impressive all, this cookware is actually a true ally in your food preparation. Just ask some good questions to make the right choice!

Meat Grinder: Manual or electric

Everything will depend on the amount of meat chopping, frequency and time to spare. Logically, a manual meat grinder will be slower (and more natural to use!).
With an electric grinder, just push a button and go. Ideal for large families or for those planning a large volume of pies, burgers and other home preparations. However, this ease of use is at a higher price than a manual meat grinder.

Meat grinder features

– Power: typically between 250 W and 1600 W, is the indispensable element to consider when purchasing your electric grinder. Indeed, it will be determinative of the quantity of ground meat per hour and thus efficiency. By cons, it will be more powerful, and it consume more electricity.
– Diameter of the grid: Choose a model with several grids available. You can then finely chop more or less depending on your needs and your desires kitchen of the moment!
– Additional functions: the little extra that can make the difference! Can walk back to the accessories stores, grater for vegetables, sausage adapter to … Look well what is offered in addition.
Whatever your final choice is, do not overlook reading the manual of your meat grinder!

Meat grinder reviews

Kenwood MG700

– Brushed aluminum classy
– Engine performance amazing
– Hash Quality
– Easy cleaning

– Price

It is a Silver color grinder 7kg made of stainless steel. It has a length of 38,5cm 22cm width with a height of 38cm. With 2 speeds and power of 2000W, this grinder is remarkably in high-quality line grinders, as witnessed by most users.

The meat grinder Kenwood MG700 is a kitchen grinder for crushing all varieties of meat and fish. It adapts to preparations of fine, medium and coarse ranging from 3 to 8mm. You can also use it to make sausages or plateau vegetables and poultry. With this grinder, it is easy to avoid the jam with its buttons Forward and Back. Its metal screw gives it a flawless hygienic character.

There is a variety of advantages to using a high-quality grinder such as the Kenwood MG700. Its is not only durable, it is also very easy to disassemble and clean. Moreover, it is not too noisy. If those supplied with the device does not suit you, just buy the grids diameters you want and chop meats accordingly.
With the meat grinder Kenwood MG700, the guarantee of quality deserves expensive price, but it will greatly assist you in your tasks.

Philips HR2726 / 90

– Power
– Security
– Hash

– Price
– Dimensions
– Noise

World leader in home appliances, Philips has done it all. Radios, beard trimmers, televisions, and even meat grinders. Whatever the proposed product, the expertise of the brand comes through every time. A know-how that allows to combine ease of use and top performance. A know-how that takes shape with the Philips HR2776-90 model, a powerful and robust meat grinder.

Only available in black, the Philips HR2726 / 90 is a meat grinder with a very clean design. No unnecessary contours, no intriguing shapes. There is nothing particularly remarkable, but this design favors the simplicity of the product. With dimensions of 30.2 X 37.2 X 26.8 cm, Philips HR2726 / 90 is not especially great for a meat grinder.
However, the meat tray and its lid are made of plastic, a risky choice of the manufacturer, which does not affect the performance of the device. Indeed, the internal parts are made of metal to withstand the stress experienced at the time of commissioning. This is the case of stainless steel grinding plates. It is worth mentioning the presence of a storage tray accessories included with the grinder.

Philips HR2726 / 90 has some practical and enjoyable points. First, the motor of the grinder is designed to have a reverse gear. This prevents repetitive jams and save time.
In addition, the Philips HR2726 / 90 comes with two grids (5mm and 8mm strainer), and two sausage adapters (12mm and 22 mm diameter). Hence, it can be added to the adapter kebbe which can be easily assembled for use.

Philips has designed a blade assembly screws and ensuring user safety. Indeed, the blade can not be properly mounted on the motor screws. A detail seemingly innocuous, but it systematically eliminates the risk of making incorrect assembly and get hurt while using the product.
Philips has also thought of the post-hash by providing a cleaning tool strainers on both sides. A tool that allows to use a simple water jet to clean the grid, even when clogged.

Apart from the noise that can be hard to bear, the meat grinder Philips HR2726 / 90 has no particular negative points. Storage is simple and the use is simplified. Only the presence of plastic in the product’s design is regrettable. But one can easily imagine a more noble material would have a direct impact on the price.

With a capacity of up to 1700 W, the model Philips HR2726 / 90 is a powerful meat grinder. All meat tested passed without causing any particular problems.

Kenwood MG510

– Sausage Adapter
– Security
– Design
– Robust

– Noise
– Price

Kenwood MG510 is a meat grinder with a fancy design. The first thing you notice is its brushed aluminum. A neat finish so you might think that it is stainless steel. A mistake quite forgivable for the cover is itself made of this material. The other remarkable feature is its capacity. And from this point of view, the Kenwood MG510 is well and truly in the category of large volumes.
From the viewpoint of the structure, the Kenwood MG510 is not particularly surprising. The include an on / off switch, a key used for disassembly, an output which can accessorize using grids or adapters. It has a height of 36 cm and a width of 30.5 cm to 22 cm deep. All for a total weight of 7.3 kg and a power of 1600 W, which is really interesting.

One of the practical sides of Kenwood MG510 is its great variety. Indeed, with its size grids 8 and adapters, it is always satisfied. We also tested the different grids (fine, medium, and large) supplied with the device. But the most interesting remains adapters (kebbe and sausages).

Another practical advantage, the various adapters and grids can be placed in the tappet Kenwood MG510. It is not necessary to remove all of them to each use of the meat grinder. A practical solution to maintain the cleanliness of the work plan.

It is important to mention the technological bonus. First, the Kenwood MG510 stops automatically when overheated. The presence of the on / off button is also an advantage, since it turns off the Kenwood MG510 soon as you see the signs of jam.

It will not surprise anyone to learn that the Kenwood MG510 is a noisy machine. It is rare to find a meat grinder that is not. However, it operates quite quickly, thanks to its capacity of 2 kg / min, so that the noise is not a major problem unless, having to be used for extended periods.

Only one drawback: the infiltration of liquids into the workings of Kenwood MG510. This may occur when switching products rich in water (eg marrow) into the grinder. To avoid this, remember to use small portions, and use the grid with large holes for proper disposal of the liquid.

Hope you choose a suitable meat grinder for your kitchen utensils!


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