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Restful relies heavily on the pillow we use so could you choose what you need? We will offer some tips to make your choice is correct

Since we spend a lot of time sleeping (about a third of our lives), it requires that both the mattress and pillow, sheets and blankets to suit our needs. For this reason, in the following article, you will learn how to choose the perfect pillow to rest properly. The bamboo memory foam pillow is highly recommended

Why is it necessary to have a comfortable pillow?

Witness our tears and our thoughts, dreams and protective companion when we are afraid, the pillow is so personal that we can not take your choice lightly. It is the support of the head and neck during sleep. What a task has the poor.

If you sleep without using a real pillow:

  • Pains neck, back or shoulders
  • Snores and whistles
  • Trouble breathing
  • Pain in the upper extremities
  • Sneezing
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Bad blood circulation

What are the rules for choosing a good pillow?

The position we use to sleep and physique are two issues that we must not ignore when opting for a pillow and no other. You must know that when we go to bed, the spine should be straight as happens when we stand. Since the beginning of the neck to the hip must be properly aligned.

You must always pillow to sleep using our muscles to rest and relax. On the contrary, lie all night without it equals spend the whole day with the neck turned to one side.

In this area there are a lot of ligaments, joints and muscles are tensing during the day, so it is vital to relax for 8 hours (ideal) we slept. If not, we hurt when we wake up and do not allow us to perform our daily activities.

Choose pillow by material

The three most recommended materials for a pillow are:


Comfortable, fresh and breathable. It allows air circulation promotes the absorption of moisture. It can be washed, and that serves to maintain hygiene during the break.


It adapts to the shape of the head and is temperature sensitive. Ie, it provides a perfect neck support and serves to rest the cervical area entirely.


Soft and pleasant, internal open cell structure allows more ventilation and hygiene.

Choose according to posture

To choose a pillow is necessary to consider the position we take to sleep:


It is recommended to be soft and thin because they are too hard or painful breathing throat tighten. We need to allow the pillow head align with the body.

Face up

A pillow with intermediate thickness and firmness is the most appropriate, since the part of the head that rests are neck and neck need to stand without problems.


If we choose a very hard pillow, we are forcing the neck and make it is excessively raised. If the neck is too soft “will fall” and you can not reach the recommended alignment column. Therefore, an intermediate is correct.

Pillows and snoring

Did you know that there are pads that prevent snoring? As the best position to rest and not to wake everyone with the serenade noise is side and the right column, you should have adequate support to these needs.

Obstructive apnea occurs when airways are closed entirely or almost entirely. There are patients who have the “apnea position”, i.e., only snore when they sleep on their backs.

To avoid this, it is necessary to use a not too high pillow and the head will not be bent forward and the pipes will not clog. In the market, we can find specially designed for those wishing to take a lateral position and not cause airway closures models.

Remember also that a pillow has a useful duration. Two to three years is the maximum that can be used, past that time you need to buy a new one. That life also depends on a number of occasions we wash.

In the case of children, many parents wonder at what point can start using the pillow. Since babies have a larger head in proportion to the body, they do not need to use it during the first months of life. Fulfilled year is allowed to place it on the bed. At first, it must be allergenic and well fluffy material.

It would be good that each person takes your pillow wherever you go. This includes vacation, a business trip or when sleeping at her boyfriend. Or in this case, you may have a spare!

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