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How to choosw nubulizer diffuser

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Diffuse essential oils at home is a great way to escape from our crowded cities, where nature and well-being that accompanies are rarely welcomed.

Yes but here, there are very many nebulizer diffuser on the market varying qualities, different broadcasting technologies, practical features, noble or weak materials … These differences go with (sometimes) very large price differences.

I use and sell nebulizer diffusers for 2 years. I want to take the time to pass on my skills to you who want to make the best choice and how to use a nebulizer diffuser.

The technology: Fogging, misting, ultrasound, warmth, ventilation … It is time to clarify the situation!

Yes, it is not easy, but you absolutely must master the following before buying your diffuser. According to technology, your diffuser will be more or less noisy, more or less powerful, more or less robust and durable, more or less effective from a therapeutic point of view.

There are 4 major technologies:
– By nebulization
– By misting, otherwise known as atomisers or diffusers ultrasound
– By gentle heat
– Ventilation

Each broadcast technology meets these specifications seemingly simple: essential oils are propel particles in the atmosphere, which should not be heat aboedve 40 ° C! Beyond this temperature, the aromatic molecules that make up the essential oils and essences are degraded and could become toxic. It is therefore totally prohibits the use of incense burners.

Dissemination by nebulization is the most complex and sophisticated effect. How it works ? A breath of very strong cold air is powered on essential oils in a glass of a very specific shape to create a Venturi effect, and separate the essential oil particles each other.

The big advantages of nebulization

Nebulization is the most advanced broadcasting technology. It is indeed the only way a powerful distribution, which can fill volumes up to 120m! (Okay, 120m is not a volume). Moreover, this distribution is completely cold, and the essential oil particles are particularly well separated during their projection: they are lighter and remain suspended in the air longer. Finally, nebulizers are usually beautiful products, with beautiful glass and pedestals noble materials. In a beautiful area, they work very well …

The disadvantages of nebulization

The main disadvantage of the spray, let’s be frank, it’s the noise. Indeed, the compressed air propellant to create the Venturi effect emits a fairly large vibration, and vibration makes noise. Therefore issue a fogger still a small hiss, no disturbing in a salon, but clearly not possible in a bedroom (especially if you are running an anti-insomnia synergy). All foggers are not equal to this aspect, some are noisier than others, but you still encounter this problem. In my case, it does not bother me too (this is a simple little vibration noise), but there it may bother.

The second problem of fogging, it is the price of broadcasters. This is clearly the high end in terms of dissemination of technology, and all manufacturers therefore benefit for use of noble materials: wood, glass, bamboo, etc. It is therefore very difficult to find a good online nebulizer less than 50 €.

Finally, choose a nebulizer if:

  • You want to diffuse essential oils for therapeutic purposes (disinfection of air, zen atmosphere, preventing winter illnesses, etc.)
  • You want to make a gift to someone;
  • You have a large area (more than 50m²) to “infuse”.

Foggers, also called ultrasonic diffusers

Although less powerful for therapeutic purposes, this technology should certainly not be overlooked because it combines many advantages.

Misting Technology

Misters essential oils propel particles through a “cold steam”. In reality, no steam without boiling and it is therefore more of a micro-droplets of mist so fine that they remain suspended in the air. This mist is created using ultrasound.

How it works ? Installation is simple:

  • On the first floor, a thin membrane that bombarded ultrasound vibrates at high frequency;
  • In contact with the membrane, water, under the effect of this vibration, will generate the mist in question;
  • On the water surface floating drops of essential oils, which are captured in the passage of the mist, and projected into the atmosphere.

The advantages of misting

This technology is the most widespread, for many reasons!

These diffusers can be very attractive, particularly through the mist that emerges: this induces a very nice visual effect. Sincerely, I use a fogger with me just for that reason!



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