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How to find suitable pack and play model?

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04 months until the age of walking, the pack and plays offer baby a protected shelter far away from the dangers in the house, and also, a space privileged to play. Wood and bars, trendy or nomadic, there is something for everyone. Here is our advice to find the best pack and play.

The criterion of choice # 1 is safety. Check that the pack and plays comply with European standards, in terms of height, spacing bars or angle hinges.

From 4 months, the pack and plays allow the baby to be with you in the room, instead of being confined to his room. He built a universe size and reassuring, in which the animals can also not enter. He also discovers some freedom of movement, while being protected.

Around 8-9 months, he began to trudge and want to move all alone at home. The pack and plays prove quite useful to contain a little! You can also leave it in peace a few minutes for example to your toilet. He can play with his pack and play. Until he knows really work well, and may go to the park, it will be a valuable ally.

Find the suitable pack and play model

Traditional, wooden, or more likely, plastic bars in playpens are the most common. But there is another type of pack and play: how folding, bed, plastic, and cloth or fabric.

If it is intended to remain in a specific location, opt for a fixed structure model more resistant to “onslaught” of your baby.

The wooden bars pack and play

Ideal for psychomotor development of your baby, the wooden bars park is solid and stable. All shapes (square, octagonal …), it will offer him good support, at the age when he tries to stand up.

Its bars are fine enough for your child clings to and also permitting a good visual perception.

Pack and plays sometimes offer a high position that can be used when the baby lying still, to spare the backs of parents.

Some of them have a hard enough background. Make it a nest by adding a properly fitted carpet to absorb shocks.

Plastic bars pack and play

Less conventional, some plastic bars parks are copies of wooden models. Others, however, are flexible: equipped with a door, security gate, they are rectangular and / or circular. Your child will soon have fun in and out of this new home.

Small problem: the bars are often too flat and too wide for smaller hands of a baby. Finally, choose a quality model: the plastic is less resistant than wood to the passage of time.

Nets pack and play

More nomadic, they are also cheaper but their resistance is low next to their wooden comrades.

Nets avoid the baby bump if he falls. Its raised funds which allow the baby to not be on the floor. A real plus in a poorly insulated room.

Ideal for small spaces, it is also easy to use and carry thanks to its fast and compact folding. Perfect for traveling parents! Negative side, such as pack and plays do not allow the bars to climb easily. The nets, especially small mesh, blur slightly its view outward. Your child can also venture to hang a button in the mesh.

One last practical detail: the washing! easily cleaned bars as fabric …
And let yourself be guided by our expert advice

Security side

– Your first instinct is to verify compliance with French standards (NF S 54-010) or European (EN 12227). The three most important criteria are the stability of the pack and play, especially if it includes legs; the height of the pack and play, which must exceed 55 cm. Finally, the spacing of the bars must be less than or equal to 7 cm.
– If it has wheels, make sure the brake efficiency.
– Use extra caution if you buy it used. Do not accept the purchase without seeing the state of the pack and play. If the folding systems are damaged, forget it!
– You can place an arch in the pack and play activities, a bear or a blanket but avoid any toy that your baby could climb or offend. Also, outlaw small objects.
– Clear the area. Your toddler will always be attracted by an electric wire, an object behind a chair ready to rock … Do not use more when your child works well as it could step over.
– This is not a bed! Your baby should distinguish between these two areas and must not remain in the pack and play more than a half-hour or hour.


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