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Jasco pact to put Emerson name

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Emerson Radio Corp and Jasco Products Company Inc have signed a licensing agreement whereby Jasco will place Emerson’s name on a line of audio and video accessories. The initial line will include about 250 audio/video items, according to Emerson VP of marketing Gerry Calabrese. Calabrese also reported at a press conference that his company plans to enter the ready-to-assemble furniture market in 1995 with a line of TV and VCR carts.

Emerson Radio Corp. has signed a licensing agreement with Jasco Products Co. Inc. to place the Emerson name on a full line of audio/video accessories.

Gerry Calabrese, Emerson’s vice president of marketing, said at a press conference here the company’s accessory lineup will initially consist of about 250 items, from universal remotes to video tapes.

He also reported Emerson will enter the ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture business. Some time during the first half of 1995, home entertainment, kitchen utility, TV and VCR carts bearing the Emerson name will hit stores.

The two developments are part of an overall plan to find new product categories that can be handled through the company’s existing distribution and logistics network. Steve Trice, president of the Oklahoma City-based Jasco, said his company’s current dealers will have the option of having either Jasco, Emerson or both product lines. If a store chooses to keep both lines, they will be comparably priced.


While there are no immediate plans for the Jasco name to disappear, Trice said it’s possible Jasco as a brand name may fade out time although the company itself would continue.


“I believe the agreement will help strengthen each company,” said Trice, adding Jasco had been looking for a strong name brand in the consumer electronics business to hook up with.


Emerson also unveiled its 1995 product line, which will be on display at Winter CES next month. Citing growth in micro audio systems, audio marketing director Barry Light said the company will bring out three new units. The model MM7215, at a suggested retail price of $69.95 and shipping in March, features a single cassette deck, AM/FM tuner, detachable two-way speakers and an auxiliary input jack allowing a personal CD player to be hooked up. Model MM7325 adds a single-disc top-load player, full-depth speakers and remote control. It ships in June at $139.95.


The top-of-the-line model MM7475 features a front-load, 32-track CD player, digital tuning, electronic equalizer and an LCD that shows all CD and tuning functions It also ships in June at $229.35


A new shelf system, model MS7635, features a top-load CD player, dual cassettes, three-band equalizer and remote control. Suggested price is $139.95 and it ships in May.


A new personal stereo, model HD6925 CD, comes with a car kit. Suggested retail is $119.95 and it ships in February.


New TVs include model BT0535, a 5-inch black and white set featuring an under-cabinet mounting bracket and AC/DC power capability. Suggested retail is $99.95. A second 5-inch black and white set, model BT0515, will be available for $10 less and is designed for use in kitchens and is AC-powered only. A third 5-inch set, color model CT0565, has AC/DC power and an AM/FM tuner. It ships in May at $199.95.

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