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Mini vacuum cleaner to clean car

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A vacuum cleaner for the car allows you to clean your vehicle with high efficiency. To save time in finding the model that suits you, we suggest you take into account certain characteristics through this buying guide of the best vacuum cleaners for the car. Our advice to buy a good cleaner for the car moving towards consideration of its design, the ability to recharge and the presence of several features.

The mini vacuum cleaner is a very useful appliance

It allows, for example, to clean up the crumbs after a meal, or to ensure the daily maintenance of a car (clicking here for the best car vacuum). Much more convenient than the big vacuum out of the house!

However, from one model to another, the device performance varies widely. How to choose the model that best meets your expectations? The point is in this tip.

Choice of mini-vacuum cleaner: the importance of battery

Several elements have to hold your attention about the battery of mini-vacuum cleaner:

First, the autonomy

This is the crux of the matter when the device works wirelessly. Know that if you are promised a 10-minute battery life, it’s probably not at full strength. So be sure to choose a mini-vacuum cleaner with a range of at least 15 or 20 minutes.

Then the loading mode

Note: some can be recharged by a cigarette lighter or USB cable. Essential if you want to use your mini-vacuum cleaner to clean your car!

Note: you have spotted a model, but its autonomy is not indicated on the package? Be interested in the voltage of the device and compare it to another mini vacuum cleaner whose autonomy seems satisfactory. The more the voltage is, the greater the autonomy is.

Power of mini vacuum cleaner

You must be interested in the depression of the device, that is to say, its suction power:

It is expressed in kilograms, Pascal.

The air flow, expressed in dm / s, is also important. It tells you vacuum’s ability to carry dirt to the ferry.

Mini vacuum cleaner: which options and accessories?

When you are sure to have chosen a rather autonomous and powerful device, you can worry about the accessories which are associated with the basic equipment.

Water and dust aspiration

All of the vacuum treats dust but not all mind water: Now, knowing that many hand cleaners are designed to clean up after meals, the fact that they can extract fluids is important. If you intend for your mini-vacuum cleaner for this purpose, be sure to choose a model with this option. Besides, there are many models equipped with wheels. These allow avoiding scratching the surfaces.

Tank Size

This is, in fact, a minor:

Indeed, many prefer to empty the tank after each use.

However, if you plan to use the mini-vacuum to clean a very dirty car, choose it at least 0.6 liters.

Other accessories

To make the most of your mini-vacuum cleaner, you can choose various accessories equipped with:

  • Squeegee to suck liquids;
  • Pipe to go in the corners;
  • Brush for carpets and sofas, etc.

Power vacuum: how to choose?

Vacuum power does not mean quality!

The power is not everything: a very powerful device is not necessarily synonymous with quality. Pay attention:

  • A powerful air flow does not necessarily mean a good collection;
  • Conversely, misuse of power (in Watts) can stick the device to the ground, making it difficult to pass vacuum.

Everything is whether your device is for drawing on smooth or hard floors or not and it will be used for occasional or intensive:

For infrequent use: the ideal is to choose a model with a higher suction power to 1800 watts;

For more regular use: choose a lower suction power to 2400 watts.

The presence of several features

The transition to the price comparison should be preceded by consideration of the presence or absence of several features that accompany the model that interests you. This feature is important because it lets you know what you can do with a model over another.

It would be sensible for example to check whether the device filter is high or it can be used with the high-level filter such as HEPA filters so you can all suck, dirt, pollen or dust mites, ensuring better condition inside your car. Also, you can check the presence of several cleaning heads accompanying the device for more efficiency in use.

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