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Regal Ware breadmakers, coffeemaker, grinder due

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Regal Ware Inc. is introducing several breadmaking machines, a coffee maker and coffee grinder, all available beginning spring 1995. The Kitchen Pro breadmakers can mix, knead and bake 1- to 1.5-pound loaves of various types of breads. Retail prices for the breadmakers ranges from $99 to $149. The 12-cup automatic drip coffee maker will retail for $17.99 and is available in white. Also, a $19.90 coffee grinder can grind 2.5 oz. of coffee, peppercorns are other spices and nuts.

Regal Ware, Inc. is looking for a rise in sales with the expansion of its electrics line, which includes four automatic breadmakers, a twelve-cup coffeemaker, and a coffee/ spice grinder, all to be introduced at the 1995 International Housewares Show.

The Kitchen Pro model K6743 breadmaker was designed to bake bread in eight different menu cycles including large medium crust, large dark crust, regular, French, sweet, rapid, whole wheat and dough. A viewing window allows the bread to be observed while baking, and can bake 1-to 1.5-pound loaves. Model K6742 has all the same features without the viewing window. A digital timer makes both units fully programmable.

Regal’s model K6740 bakes a wide variety of 1-pound loaves and has a large control panel that is easy to read and use.

Model K6741C has six different menu cylces including white medium crust, white or dark crust, French, sweet, whole wheat or dough. Using a programmable timer, this model makes a large variety of 1-pound loaves. This model is available in Canada only.

“We have updated styling and technology to enhance performance,” said John Hein of Regal Ware.


Each of these breadmakers mix the ingredients, knead the dough, shape, allow it to rise and bake, all in one unit, automatically. They feature classic styling with easy-to-use controls on the top of the unit. The square, nonstick coated bread pan ensures easy bread removal and quick clean up. Units come with a detailed user’s guide and cook-boock featuring many recipes, all tested in the Regal test kitchens. Also included is an instructional video and a toll-free number to give customers direct contact with Regal’s bread-making specialist.


Retail price for the K6743 is $149, for the K6742 is $139, and for the K6740 is $99. The new breadmakers will be available in spring of 1995.


Regal Ware also will expand its line of coffeemakers with the introduction of a 12-cup drip unit. The contemporary Eurostyled coffeemaker is crafted in bright white polypropylene and quickly brews four to 12 cups of coffee. Features include a slideout hanging coffee basket, hinged carafe cover, generous handle, thermostatically controlled warming plate, and color coded on/off switch.


The 12-cup K7670 model will be available in the spring of 1995 with a suggested retail of $17.99.


Regal Ware has also added a coffee/spice grinder which grinds up to two-thirds of a cup of coffee or spices. The capacity allow grinding 25 ounces of coffee, peppercorns, spices, grains, herbs citrus rinds and most nuts. The motor operates only when the lid tab is positioned properly on the bowl. Pulse control is easy to operate with thumb or finger to grind foods as coarse or fine as is desired.


It will be available in black in early 1995 and is available with a suggested retail price of $19.90.

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