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Round pack and play or baby crib?

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Your baby is coming? And you can decide whether to choose a round pack and play or a baby crib? Here is the comparison between these two.

Round pack and play

Round pack and plays are similar to other pack and play models in different sizes, materials and styles available. Thus, there are round pack and play, which are made of solid wood, rather lighter metal or flexible plastic. Regardless of the material, it is available as models with height adjustable floor, with rollers and / or bars with the loophole or folding grid side.

As somewhat impractical could be perceived that you can not provide space saving in corners with round pack and play and they occupy more space accordingly. The advantage, however, is similar to hexagonal pack and play that mom and dad from each side have a very good access and the child is remembered in part to a cradle / cot because of the round shape and the other part does not necessarily have to think of a rectangular cot. Depending on the age both may be advantageous. While that is still looking for something smaller children the security of weighing, more children do not like to go to sleep often.

Moreover, these pack and plays offer the possibility that depending on the diameter of more than one child can sit in a circle and play with each other. Furthermore, the child can, in a round pack and play, enjoy the view around, to look around and literally get to know other geometric shapes, in contrast to the rectangular cot, for example. It can be executed in a circle and thereby make a whole new experience. Depending on the size, it can be somewhat difficult to push closed doors with round pack and play. Care should be taken before buying in any case since otherwise the potentially shared by rolling mobility is limited, you may not be able to push the child in pack and play out of the room.

Similarly, other pack and plays can also be a round in part depending on the liner and upholstery and are temporarily used as cots. This should, however, necessarily be provided sufficient cushioning the soil and adequate and proper air circulation and quality of the deposit.

Crib or cot

Unlike pack and play, cots primarily protect the sleep of the child but are similarities to pack and play and not be dismissed out of hand. Cots’ base, unlike a pack and play, has a mattress with the appropriate mattress and slatted frame. They can be quite useful when it comes to that the child learns to pull himself up on its own and to run. But in principle, one should draw a clear line between pack and play and cot. The fact is that children do not like to sleep in certain phases, the crib is correspondingly negative. And also like a pack and play, the child will not like to play in it.

Cots, as well as most pack and play, have one or more removable bars so that the child can climb over when reaching a certain age automatically in and out of the bed. Ideally, cots are also equipped with height adjustable rollers. Thus, the bed or the grid can grow with the child and be taken anywhere to where mom or dad are. In addition, the ability to adjust the bed variable height is very gentle to the parents’ back and prevents the child rises above the grid.

Cots are available as the classic rectangular variant of solid wood or metal, but as there are hexagonal and round versions. Since a crib always needs a mattress, care should be taken when purchasing that this can also be retrofitted without any problems. Particularly with respect to the mattress, parents should pay attention to shatter-proof edges to prevent slipping of the child. The distance of the grid is important so that the child does not hurt. So a minimum distance of 4.5 cm and a maximum of 7.5 cm is ideal in order to minimize the risk of trapping and danger of slipping. Sometimes cots after a certain time can be used as a normal cot if one removes the bars when the child no longer needs it as a pack and play as the protection.

Good luck with the choice!

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