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Skipping rope = lose weight and slimming body


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Cardio training is a form of exercise that requires a lot from your cardiovascular system. Every cardio training or aerobic training exercise requires more stamina than your muscles. Some examples of popular cardio exercises are:

  • Cycling & Spinning
  • Canoeing & Rowing Coach
  • Running & Walking Belt
  • Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike
  • Swimming

Disadvantages of cardio training: The (relative) “disadvantage” of cycling, rowing, running, and swimming is that you necessarily must go outdoor. Unless you have a pool or gym with a spinning bike, rowing machine, treadmill and exercise bike in your basement. In addition, they permanently occupy space. Therefore, people often go to the gym

Lose weight with jump rope = ideal!

Many people find a gym impractical, fitness machines are clumsy and expensive, and outdoor training is unpleasant. For those people, jumping rope is an excellent cardio alternative:

  • Your can perform at home
  • It takes only one square meter to perform
  • That no permanent space occupies
  • You do not need to go to the gym or build a home gym
  • Little or no money costs


Benefits of jumping rope in losing weight (and burning calories)

Jumping rope not only has practical benefits but also provides many benefits for your body. By skipping rope, you namely burn many calories, because the sport is very intense. You consume about 1.5 kilocalories per kilogram of body weight per 10 minutes in jumping rope training. That is equivalent to 0.15 calories x number of minutes of exercise duration x number of kilograms of the body weight.

If you are 65 kg of weight, so after 30 minutes of jumping rope training, according to the above calculation in terms of calorie burning, you already got rid of “0.15 x 65 x 30 = 292 kilocalories ” (every half hour)!
That is significant number compared to training in the same time with other sports, for example, swimming or soccer.

Jumping rope: schedule your training

If you are reading this article on jump rope, then there is a chance that you want to start jumping rope. Then, a complete “rope skipping guide” for losing weight and slimming body is here.

  • Buy a good pair of shock-absorbing shoes to prevent injuries.
  • Buy a simple jump rope which is best to be 2 meters long. Too long rope is nonsense.
  • Never jump too fast. It is very bad for your muscles.
  • One active day should be followed by one day of rest. For example, train on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and
  • Saturdays, the rest is for rest
  • The day of rest is necessary for your muscle fibers to recover.
  • Beginning with a session of 15 minutes.
  • You can gradually increase your exercise time to build up the habit preferably by a few minutes per week.
  • Schedule up to 3 x 45 minutes per week.
  • Keep your back as straight as possible while jumping which is the most efficient posture!
  • Convert any music to whip yourself.

Doutzen Kroes, models from Victoria’s Secret, remains fit, fresh, healthy and sexy thanks to the old jump rope. We all have tried this as a child, but also adults can have fun with a jump rope! It guarantees a hefty cardio workout which also further requires the necessary skills. After 15 minutes with a jump rope question, you’re probably wondering how your body is used to be … Time to start training again!

Benefits of jumping rope

Jumping rope is not only one of the simplest forms of cardio workout that you can do but also the most effective when it comes to calorie burning. You namely burn quickly 800 to 1000 calories per hour if you fanatical rage comes with your skipping rope. Rope Jumping incidentally has significantly more benefits than other efficient burning of calories method. Here is a small list:

  • Relatively quick and easy to learn
  • Hardly attributes required …
  • Very cheap
  • Ideal form of home fitness
  • Requires no gym membership
  • No need for to many equipments
  • Takes no permanent space occupied

Jumping rope also has many beneficial effects in addition to increased calorie consumption for your body.The rope skipping exercise ensures:

  • Ideal way of burning fat
  • Condition for stamina optimization
  • Optimizing your heart and lung function
  • ” Toning ” your muscles

Skipping Rope with “Speed Rope.”

Do you cherish the serious intention to practice jump ropes? Then a so-called “speed rope” totally worth it. The speed rope is specially made for people who practice jumping rope as a form of cardio fitness. A speed rope runs significantly faster and smoother than a “normal” jump rope, avoiding the error to occur so that you will train more efficiently.

After all, rope skipping training is mainly a matter of a lot of practice and skill.



In the above article about jumping rope or skipping ropes, you could read a lot about the health benefits of jumping rope while using a classic jump rope, or “speed rope.” But there is more … To start with jumping rope, first, opt for a proper running shoe with shock-absorbing cushioning in the forefoot. Span your stomach muscles, while jumping. Also, keep your pelvis and back straight and slightly bend your knees while jumping. Exchange every 5 minutes of jumping with a 5-minute walk. Practice slow in a long time rather than fast in short time. In addition, observe the load on your knees. The lighter the impact, the more you train!

Jumping rope and losing weight at the same time is fun. It is not for nothing that all kids like jumping rope as a game. Jumping rope is also really effective to warm up the muscle before training especially for professional boxers. The better you jump, the more addictive feel you get on jumping rope. If you have made 100 consecutive jumps, then next time you want to at least 110 … Overall, If you want to lose weight, go for jumping rope, and you will see the result!

What do you think of rope skipping / jumping rope as a method to lose weight? Do you have experience with jumping rope? Let us know what you are doing, how often and what kind of jump rope you use by leaving a comment. Good luck and have fun!

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