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Steps to choose the best self propelled lawn mower

What is the best type of lawn mower for you? If you have a lawn, then you need a lawnmower! This article is a guide to choose the best self propelled lawn mower for any size of grass you have.

The guide is divided into 3 categories depending on the mower types:

  • Cylinder lawn mowers
  • Rotary lawn mowers
  • Hover lawn mowers

Types of lawn mowers

The three main types of crusher: cylinder, rotary and stationary. They can be electric or gasoline powered mower but some models are hand thrust cylinder.

Cylinder Mowers

These are one of the most common types of lawn mower and come with three main types of power supply – gas, electric and battery. Cylinder petrol mowers are the most powerful and free from electrical cables. Electric mowers cylinder is better suited to smaller lawns. Battery cylinder lawn mowers are suitable only for very small lawns.

Rotary mowers

The rotary lawn mower does not give the impeccable cut of a cutting cylinder, but are easy to use and mow quickly. In addition, they are very good at dealing with long or wet grass.

Hover Mowers

Hover mowers are rotary mowers that literally hang over on the surface of the grass. Usually without wheels, some models do now have rear wheels to make it easier to move into position before use. However, like most of the models they have to be transported, this has led to its lightweight design. The handle folds so that the machine can be hung from a wall of the shed or garage that makes extremely efficient use of space.

Lawnmower Features

Below are the main features to consider when buying a lawnmower:

  • Mulching: Crushers mowers are a great way to feed your lawn. Crushers recut the clippings into small pieces and blow them back into the lawn, where they decompose and feed on the grass. Some have a metal or plastic that blocks off the grass catcher; others have a knob that turns quickly. Large cutting, more than 45 cm wide, are hard work to push around. Look for a self-propelled version. These have two control rods; the blade cuts the engine and if you let go, the other is coupled to the engine to the wheels. Some have variable speed, otherwise you have to match your walking speed to the mower.
  • Long switch: A switch is a long bar that runs across the width of the handle or a double switch, allowing you to use both hands to save wrist strain. It is better for lefties too. Most models now have these.
  • Folding handles: This makes it easier to store in a small shed. Look for handles that are folded twice and sit perfectly on top of the mower.
  • Adjustable handles: Make sure the height is right for you. Some handles are adjustable lawnmowers.
  • Rear roller: Some cutters have a roller instead of the back to give a striped effect wheels. This is most pronounced with cutters heavier petrol. A roller also makes it easier to balance when cut on the edges of the lawn. Some electric mowers have four wheels with a rear roller that works just the lower cutting heights. All hand cylinder lawn mower have a small rear roller, but most are not heavy enough to give pronounced stripes.
  • Grass catcher: A large container turf saves numerous trips to the compost pile. A window in the top or an indicator to tell you when it is full are also useful.
  • Cutting height: A lawn mower with a wide range of cut (eg 12-70mm) is useful if you have to cut more than a lawn of different qualities, different heights or at different times of the year. If you want to cut a fine ornamental (bowling) lawn for a minimum cut of about 12 mm. A single height adjustment is easier than adjusting each wheel in turn. With the cheapest lawn mowers, you have to remove and replace each wheel, or in the case of hover mowers remove the foil and add or remove spacers, which is fine if you rarely change the cutting height.

How big is your lawn? Size Matters!

How big is the field:

  • Small – up to 100 square meters. – Choose an electric mower
  • Medium – 100-200 square meters. – Choose an electric or gas mower
  • Grande – more than 200 square meters. – Choose a petrol mower

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